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General Structure Of HTML

What is  HTML?
HTML is stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and Hyperlink is the link that links one file to another. You Markup text file with HTML tags, which are pieces of code enclosed by the lesser than sign (<) and greater sign (>). Web browser reads theses tags when formatting HTML file on screen.
How HTML works?
Browser sends request for HTML files to remote server on the internet by using addresses call URL. When data returns, the browser interprets the html tags and display  the data as web page.
+ Starting Your Web Page:
The very first thing that you should type on your page is the HTML tag.
Most web page are divided into two section:
- HEAD where you define the Title of page, include information about your page for search engines like Altavista, set the location of your page and advanced formatting information, and scripts.
.Title should be short and descriptive. in the most browser, the tile appears in the title bar of the windows. The title is used by search indexes like yahoo and Altavista as well as in your visitor's browser's history lists and bookmarks.
- BODY: In the BODY section of your HTML document

<title>Title Document</title>


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