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How to add discription to new wordpress themse

You can put your description for your new wordpress themes. when user visit detail of themes in appearance in administrator dashboard. it will show us about theme name, url, description, version, License, author,...

How to do:
Open up the style.css file in wordpress themes and put some commented lines at top of file like:
Theme Name: Mythemes
Theme URI: http://www.esatra.com/themes/
Author: Sao Ratha
Author URI: http://www.esatra.org/
Description: The 2013 theme for WordPress takes us back to the blog, featuring a full range of post formats, each displayed beautifully in their own unique way. Design details abound, starting with a vibrant color scheme and matching header images, beautiful typography and icons, and a flexible layout that looks great on any device, big or small.
Version: 1.0
License: xxxxxxxxxx
License xxxxxxxxxx

Example image:

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