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What to do before create a web site?

This article describe about how to organize and design layout web site. i will tell you some key before your starting web page include structure of title, how to write description of site, and method of save and check your result.

Designing site:
- Why you create this site? and what do you want?
- Think about your visitor and what they want? and make it easy to audiences. ex: have a lot of image style, fast, important documents, your page fast download...
- Count number of page you will need. what sort of layout that you like your site should have? Do you want audiences go to your page in a particular direction. Tell them how to use your site, by create sitemap, guideline, video train...
- Drawing somethings that you do of your site on paper.
- Devise a complicated, consistent naming system for your web site, photos, and other outside files.

Managing Your File:
It is a good idea for you before create files to figure out where to put them in proper place.
- Create a folder to store all of file that involve with your web site.
- Divide the inside directory in a way that reflects the organiztion of your web page. you may create many folder for HTML document for images, css, javascript files. with the large site with many post, recommend you create directory by categories.

Creating a new web page:
you will need a software to write HTML. there are many software that you can chose include with the Macintosh system or windows software like WordPad, Simple text or other word processor as you can.

Starting Your Web Page:
First you should type on your page is the tags of HTML. your document is convert to the HTML code.
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