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If you are starting up any kind of business or launching a product on line, you should definitely consider making an online video to market that business or that product. Why make an online video you ask? To put it simply, an online video or a video in general, is the fastest, most effective and the easiest way to reach your potential customer or client. A video is a strong marketing tool that uses both visual and sound characteristics to interact with the audience in order to get the message through.
5 Tips for Tight Turnaround Creative Video Production:
As a freelancer in creative video production, your reputation is everything to you. Without it, your business would certainly fail. Luckily, your reputation is generally built on two things that are already within your control, the quality of work that you produce, and your ability to meet deadlines. If you have ever struggled with the latter component, then this post is for you. Here are five tips for achieving a tight turn around on your video production projects.
African Cinema Lost In Translation:
When you're a child you have the dreams and the goals of a child. Everything inspires you to wuthering heights. I watched Funny Girl so I thought well I can do that to. It doesn't seem so hard. All I had to do was go to film school and learn the craft, the art of film-making, become my dream (which was to be a documentary filmmaker) but later after watching all of Spike Lee's films I decided why not go all the way? Why not write, produce and direct a film. But then as you grow older, you goals change. The dreams you had when you still had that shine of angelic innocence on your face was like a blank slate. It's hard to dream big when nearly all your classmates are of the opposite sex. They never acknowledged me. Said good morning to me. They can carry the heavy equipment. They won't help you when you need them to help you with something, (and you're too afraid too ask for help because you're just a girl right, what wrong with this picture). You have to prove yourself all the time. So I decided I would become a writer instead.
How to Get Ahead in the Movie Business:
We step inside the mind of a movie mogul and how find out how to get your films distributed. A fascinating and very real world viewpoint.
'How To' Videos: Does a Slick Production Really Matter?:
It's not uncommon for us to turn to a video for answers, even after all the reading we did. A common example would be trying out a recipe, when even after reading through the material we want to have a better look at seeing it done on a YouTube video.
Is Mr Sharma Really Impotent? A Short Play To Highlight the Need For HIV/AIDS Awareness in Offices:
"All the world is a stage and we are all actors" so said Shakespeare. "All the offices are stages and all the staff are actors" is the theme of this play. This short play is revolving around the staff of an office, situated in Mumbai. Devi is a charming young lady working as a clerk there. But there is no correlation between her pleasing personality and character. She is highly immoral and hires her body for financial considerations. Sharma is a senior staff working in the same office who has a strong will power with an excellent character. Naturally there is a war between the good and the evil. Who wins? Please go through the play. This was written as a short story in 1981 and won a prize in a famous Tamil weekly. It is rewritten as a short play for Ezine readers to read and enjoy. Incidentally, the play contains a subtle message on HIV/AIDS awareness also which the office goers may please note.
How to Become a Successful Actor in India:
Successful actors are famous and well paid in India. It is not easy to become an established actor in India. Since the profession is highly paid and glamorous, many wrong people without any acting talent have crowded the market.
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