Risk Management In Film

Risk Management is applicable to film-making, however, I encountered a knowledge gap which made studying the subject, very difficult. Hardly anyone in the world has written about Risk in the Film Industry, not just Occupational Health and Safety however other kinds of Risk which affect the business itself. The Risk Process applied to film is one of the most highly neglected topics in the world in terms of published material.
Internet Video Production: 5 Mistakes to Avoid:
Once upon a time, videos were found at rental stores or for purchase, along with the typical home video. There are television series, movies, and other story lines dedicated to the use of home film, personal footage, and more. Now in the era of the World Wide Web, social media and online technology, Internet video has become a key aspect of the world of video. Many companies, organizations, and individuals are finding that Internet videos are a great way to spread messages in an effective and relevant manner. Although it may seem as easy as capturing footage and placing it online, Internet video production is anything but. Below are five mistakes to avoid when it comes to producing an Internet video.
What Should You Look For If You Want to Download Sound Effects?:
How do you find great sound effects for your digital media projects? Learn what makes a good sound, what file format and resolution you need - and what a "Walla" is.
Wedding Videography - Catching the Bride On That Special Day:
The most important day in a woman's life - her wedding day. A discussion on capturing that unique day. How each bride is individual and how exciting and special it is to be a part of that wonderful day.
A Tribute to 'Moses':
My iconic movies of all time, as judged by me. I think that you would agree with my choices because these are absolutely outstanding feature films.
Following Up at the American Film Market - Making It Happen:
To spend hundreds of dollars on event fees, plus the time attending events, networking and collecting business cards; it's a waste if you don't make something happen. This could be with your career, your project, or gaining valuable information that makes you better at your profession. Following up leverages your time and investment. It creates more opportunities.
Walking with Dinosaurs in 3-D Reviewed:
At a little over eight-five minutes this is a dinosaur themed, fun adventure aimed squarely and surely at the under tens. Although made by a partnership between the BBC (BBC Earth) and 20th Century Fox, the movie is reminiscent of a number of childrens' films made by Disney. Disney themselves at the turn of the Century made a CGI (computer generated images), dinosaur movie (Dinosaur), this film involved a dinosaur migration and a coming of age story, a very similar plot for this latest cinema offering.
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