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Plus-size women - Corissa Enneking

Corissa Enneking video capture some photos of her when she was still action will be jumping into a swimming pool in slow motion to try to show to the world of the stigma of being overweight.This is her appearance, she had the same look and size of the plus-size models are represented overweight women worldwide have assumed. In the words of her cause, saying: "I have been part of the community of fat for about five now year (although I was a fat lot longer), and one thing I am sure is that the community is being shaped by the difference very wide of the individual. Enneking said that it is for the beauty​ of tiny legs and huge bellies and the babes that someone who can not find their size, even in plus sizes, it's for the children's hair, double chin and resolved twice. "The diversity in this community are endless, and it's our responsibility to make sure that all the bodies are represented and celebrated.".

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