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Founding 500-Year-Old Girl

True story behind the girl buried in a 500-year-old ice has been revealed! Researchers are exploring bodies ice, aged 500 years. Incan mummy known as 'The Maiden' She was killed by a bacterial infection on the other - the scientists are diagnosed with the disease, which can lead them to understanding the spread of the disease of the past.
The bodies had been suffering from a disease similar to tuberculosis when she was sacrificed on the Argentinian volcano Llullaillaco, 22.100 feet above sea level.
Technology, We have opened a new to solve some of the biggest mysteries of history, such as the cause of the 1918 flu so damage.
It will also help increase our understanding of the greatest threats to our future, such as the emergence of new infectious agents or recovery of known infectious diseases.
This analysis is possible because of the incredible care of the bodies, which are well-preserved remains lice in her hair.
The team swabbed the lips of two Andean Inca buried at the foot of the 22,000 originally discovered and reduction in 1999, and compared to the protein, which they found to a large database of the Human Genome.

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