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The world strongest children

Your children can do or not for this ? It very danger for our child that do this thing
but if your child can do it's very good for the healthy .
Meet the world strongest kid .that he can make a new world record in the world.
In Romania there are two brother just 9 year old Giuliano and Claudiu only 7 year old they became a weight lifting when were just 2 year only. now they are considered to be the The Guinness World Records "The strongest boy body Builders". There are no many humans can do what those kids do. Giuliano world record has broken two records for degree of 90 vertical pushups and another holding on to a pole like a human flag.
Giuliano and Claudiu have been pumping iron since they were in a small kid. Their mother support this life style and father was training them every day by puts them through a bodybuilding regime every two hour. they have a small muscle men and body of them definition is amazing. However, a lot of doctors disagree with those child of work out at such early age.

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