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Watermelon crops

Watermelon is a fruit crop is green color skin and red meat. Watermelon tastes sweet and cold, when we eat, especially in summer. We can grow crops in low-lying areas, and can be planted in the highlands as well.
1. Soil preparation:
Highlands mostly mountainous area so difficult tillage before planting, we need to clear waste burning plants. Then cut queued pit terrace 5 days to subtly placed in the planting hole. Cow manure for fertilizer mixed ash-half of 1 km and a half kilograms of urea fertilizer and black and mixed fertilizers (16-20-0) 3 1 bite pit. All of these fertilizers at the same time before mixing into the pit.
2. How to plant: 
Our planting is buried 6 goals in a pit when watermelons began to grow, they need to put some good strong fleshy 3 1 pit. For two thistles gap to 7 water pit and from a range of 7 water.
3. How to care: 
18 days after planting, we are also corner a pit 2 tablespoons hang around the pits to depart a little stump. 10 days after dung we distill water from ash and fertilizer ingredients corner ingredients Corner 2.5 kg, 4 kg and ash 30 liters of water. After the plant for 35 days, we started passing buds (buds cut) 1 2 branches earlier. The buds are too good to keep growing to feed next to the fruit and branches. Especially when our watermelon fruit only 1 fruit though they have the same size. Baochasmaw irrigation and watering we do, and every morning - from planting until the evening before pick 5 days.
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