Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How Long Sovereign Lord Until You Judge The Inhabitants Of The Earth And Avenge Our Blood

In judgement he became the slayer, the butcher, the gunman, the executioner of the earth. So let it fly, let them burn across the sky as the scourge will be heavy, the wind will blow away. In a trumpeter's dream sound the clarion call, the mood will be onerous, wake up its time to play. But it is in your heart that the words can always come, ideas, impressions, drift too high, float upstream, bob along, reverberate, scream, twist and turn, enter the lion's garden, den of thieves, denigrate, repatriate, persevere. Because it is the final day of the season when god will have his crooked soup.
Two Poems: Festive Faith and The Final Farewell:
The Final Farewell - I don't know what I'm going to say when I have to face my final farewell - Not sure if anyone knows for certain! I've thought about it, even practiced such lines as: "See you soon, baboon!" or "See you later alligator!
An Angel Sounded His Trumpet, And Something Like A Mountain, All Ablaze, Was Thrown Into The Sea:
Someday it will vanish but until that time comes let me stroke it up high, lick it down low worship its girth through the eyes of a silly dog as there shall be few opportunities to ingest the real taste of autumn leaves hovering above a green patch of grass, silvery light near the height of a full bloody moon. But as you may have never come to know, the significance of partial shade in the dark, a formative crescent, there might be other shapes and sizes to guide you to your new chosen place to live.
December Poems II:
December Poems: The Iron Age, of Old Age; The Night the Hounds were out!; The Methodical Primitive Man; Ridden by Death; Where the Waters Meet; No Way Back! December Poems II: 1) The Iron Age, of Old Age - In old age there is only intermittent sleep, And lots of time to tell life's strange tales of strife.
The Heads Of The Horses Looked Like Lions, Out Of Their Mouths Came Sulfur, Smoke And Fire:
In a battle they raise their cane with staffs that looked like lions serpents on the whip of a horse. Hind legs with rod extended, punishment for the children who have no spoils. Cocker, coddle, pamper and regale. There are horse heads made of sulfur and smoke, a barnyard at the gate. Flatus, whiff, a storm port blows, tempest in a teapot, sacrificial tarot, transpose, detrimental reading unenlightened meaningless thoughts arose.
Each Had A Harp And Golden Bowls of Incense As They Sang Sad Songs To The Saints:
Black tar, golden resin, it is the toughest stuff that you can find on earth. Yet there are many ways that you can break it down, just look for the misery before you tell me what it is worth. Find it anywhere, under a rock, beneath a pebble, in the yard, on the road. With bowls of red spice, cinnamon and harps in their hand kind fairies will do their best to give you your kicks and sing for you, let them ramble as they meander, chatter, waffle and snore.
I Pray That You May Enjoy Good Health Even As Your Soul Is Getting Along Well:
If you haven't heard by now, you should surely know, sickness can be as dirty as a pig, it can be scummy, it can be crummy, it can even be as filthy as an extended game of bingo, or heaven forbid, a long game of gin rummy. So even though your soul may be right there in the right place, there is no telling what your body might be gin to do.
A Rainy Day Thought (Marxism, Russia, Germany, and Surplus):
I got thinking today of a rainy day notion, not political really, just kind of a lopsided thinking, random thinking, spontaneous - You know what I mean: thinking today what may be tomorrow, and having plan 'B' ready, if indeed one has time for plan 'B'! Something put away for the Rainy Day, and we all get them: groups, solo men, women, families, nations, and the world! Then a word popped into my head: 'Plutocracy'- I translated it to mean, "Means to power," but of course it is not quite that, it is more on the order of the rich controlling the poor, something on that order: seldom is the word used, and that is because it is a lopsided word. Then Karl Marx came to mind, and capitalism. I translated his vision this way: when every country in the world has an unconsumed surplus, capitalism will fall.
In Love With Three:
I'm in love with 3 people and my eyes cannot see. Which ones to let go of and which one to keep. Which ones can I live without and which single one to choose. Which one to give my heart to or who to give the blues.
The Scarlet Soul:
The Devil works like germs work, those things you can't see but make you sick! You don't notice these satanic germs at first When only a few of those germs gets into your body. But each germ and its sinful nature provokes bad behavior, lies, deletions, distortions, and generalization-white sins, that turn into black sins! They are reproduce, imitated, as they keep doing this very rapidly so as not to allow time for our soul to heal: effecting the mind and body, and spirit: covered with sinful debris - Each satanic germ breaks in half and becomes two. At first the person is sick, as if having the flue, - then, there's a progression: He can sin loosely, he has no limits, no discipline! He has in essence, a spiritual disease in him, and that makes him less than whole. This is called the 'Scarlet Soul,' the red soul. It is worse than the measles, and influenza and a hundred different kinds of diseases. This is when Lucifer's Unfamiliar Spirits enter one's body, hundreds of them to form a legion. And the weak thickly man is now packed tight with them. And at times the man loses his senses, consciousness...

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