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Some Tip How to make people laugh

Someone who can make someone else Laugh is very good medicine and we call the good Laughter, so they and talk. Though it is not completely clear that mechanisms in our feeling are responsible for people laugh, or the sound of people laughing, we do know someone make you laugh is triggered by many thoughts happening and sensations at once and that it activates around of our body and we also know that laughter is contagious and social, and best of all, it usually feels better when we experience a good laugh and when we make someone else laugh. Sometime when you watching the Funny videos your feeling fun and almost laugh any more and you want to tell this story to your friend but when you are not good at speaking to make fun when you are talking about it to other people it sound crazy and not laugh at all. so if you want to make people laugh you should know some Technic like:
1.Using Words
2.Use puns
3.Be witty or sarcastic
4.Use a one-liner
5.Use a comeback
6.Be self deprecating
7.Use a Freudian slip
8. Be humorous with an understatement
9.Do a funny impression of someone
10.Do a slapstick routine
11.Do a parody or satire
12.Play a practical joke
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Khmer entertainment media

 In Cambodia Television is the most popular entertainment system that have a lot of good TV channel that operated 24 hour per day. TV channel have a lot of TV program for you on weekend and weekday that are separated. weekday you when you free time you relate from your work with movie and and TV talk show especially daily hot news. sometime with funny program. on weendend have a lot of program. Nowadays Online are also popular in cambodia like facebook or YouTube that you found some people upload video in order to share to global like CTN Morning News, Khmer comedy, CTN Evening News, Morning Shows,  Internet Talk, Drama... so you can watch cambodian live television for free, listen to cambodian music and watch movies in khmer is to set world-class standards in khmer broadcasting by bringing quality tv entertainment to every Khmer household.
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