Information About Brain Cancer

The words brain cancer seem to tend to bring with them terror over and above that of other forms of cancer, however, as terrible as this form of cancer is, and I don't mean to minimize it, brain cancer does not necessarily mean death. Sometimes cancerous tumors of the brain will not spread out to other areas of the body but will simply stay in the cranial cavity itself. It will however, often attack other tissues in that area and result in serious problems and challenges.

Treatment For Brain Tumors:
Many persons with brain cancers want to know everything regarding their disease as well their treatment. Nevertheless, stress and shock after diagnosis of brain cancer may make it harder for everything.

Grief - A Universal Human Experience:
This article recalls my personal grieving process following the loss of my wife to glioblastoma - a stage 4 brain cancer. Grief is a universal human experience that will affect every one of us at some point in our life. Although grief is universal, each person prepares for grief, experiences grief, and recovers from grief in unique ways. The article is an excerpt from my upcoming book entitled "Suddenly a Caregiver."

Bone Cancer Metastasis:
Bone Cancer Metastasis An estimated 60% to 84% of patients with cancer develop bone metastasis. Of these 70% experience pain syndrome which is difficult to manage, of which 50% die without adequate pain relief with a poor quality of life. It is therefore necessary to have accessible and effective medications for the management of this condition. One of the most common pain syndromes in patients with advanced cancer is bone metastasis.

The Primary Regions of the Brain Studied in Brain Cancer Clinical Trials:
Brain cancer clinical trials are used to test the various hypotheses of researchers and medical specialists. They are also used to focus studies on the symptoms discovered to be a direct result of the cancer and to determine more information about the specifics on the topic of brain cancer.

Strength in Numbers: The Value of Collaboration in Pediatric Brain Cancer Research:
Research is the key component in the battle to cure pediatric brain tumors and brain cancer. Its success points directly to the value of collaborations among various groups that come together with a common purpose, and join forces to work towards a single goal - finding a cure for this dreadful childhood disease.
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