Pediatric Brain Tumors and Brain Cancer

Every day, across America, people are talking about the progress being made in medical research, or the support provided to patients and families affected by a devastating disease or illness.
One thing that often gets lost in these conversations is the issue of money.
Do Cell Phones Really Cause Brain Cancer?
The World Health Organization recently classified cell phones as possible cancer causing agents. In light of recent studies on the link between cell phones and brain cancer, it is even more important for researchers to investigate the dangers of cell phone radiation and how it might affect cell phone users.
What is Brain Cancer?
Brain cancer is a serious medical condition that is often referred to by medical professionals as "Meningioma" and also as "Glioma". When an individual has this type of cancer, it means that there are abnormal cells growing in and/or around the brain. This form of cancer may develop from the brain cells that are considered to be primary, but it could develop from cells that are specific to certain locations in and around the brain.
Signs and Symptoms That You May Have a Brain Tumor
How would you know if your symptoms could add up to a brain tumor? When do you see a doctor? Is there hope?
Is My Cell Phone Slowly Damaging My Brain?
There has been considerable research about the harmful effects of cell phone radiation on the brain. Some studies have shown increasing brain activity when cell phones are being use. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified mobile phone radiations as possibly carcinogenic.
Brain Tumors - The Most Common Types of Brain Tumors
There are many different types of brain tumors. Doctors use a method that is referred to as "Classification". This is nothing more than grouping the many different types of brain tumors according to the characteristics that they possess.
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