Brain Tumor - The Symptoms and Diagnosis

The signs of brain tumor depend on the size, location and type of tumor. Symptoms may appear whenever a tumor pushes a nerve or injures a particular area in the brain. They can also be caused if the brain enlarges or fluids build up in the skull.

Treatment For a Brain Tumor:
Brain tumor treatment usually includes radiation therapy, surgery and chemotherapy. But the treatment will vary depending on various factors involve such as the tumor's size, type, location and the over-all health condition and age of the client. The program and treatment process for adults and children usually varies.

Grief - Preparing for Loss Through The Living Will:
My wife of 31 years, Lynne, lost her life to glioblastoma in 2010 following a battle lasting almost four years against the deadly disease. Glioblastoma is a stage 4 brain tumor, known for its fast-growth and recurring properties. As her family caregiver, I learned about many topics that surface during the care of someone facing a life-threatening illness. This article covers the topic of grief and how preparing a living will helped with my grief. I hope that the lessons I learned will encourage you to create a living will.

Cell Phones and Brain Cancer: Is There a Link?:
With the recent announcement by WHO (world health organisation) about the potential dangers of cell phone radiation, we are all naturally concerned, especially those of us who use cell phones regularly and/or who have kids with cell phones. What is safe, we wonder, in terms of use, cell phone type and exposure? Are some cell phones safer than others, and are there ways in which we can limit the dangers by changing our usage patterns?

Symptoms of Brain Cancer:
Brain cancer can be difficult for someone to recognize because the symptoms all seem like things that could be caused by something else. However, there are some common symptoms of brain cancer that may be cause for concern. If someone notices any of these symptoms persisting, they should contact a doctor and get tested for any potential problems.

My Personal Cancer Survivor Journey:
My first remembrance of my migraines was in the 2nd grade on the playground. I was accidentally hit by another classmate while they were coming off the slide. From there on my headaches became progressively worse.
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