Ten Poems Dealing With Being!

The leaves on the path of the alcoholic must be blown away! Lest s/he sets his face in the opposite direction towards the past- Not the future. He is left with really the, be all, - the End, Nothing! He needs to think of today-now-the immediate moment! Take no account of anything else but sobriety. And you, I ask: "Are your desires strong enough-that is what matters!" I'm afraid, you know, that you're talking to a recovered drunk, One who's faced the opposite direction, towards the past. One who's shrugged his shoulders at the future! Once upon a time! Things of that kind! I shook my head doubtfully, but now I got 31-years sobriety! Remember we know, or are beginning to know something about The animal in alcohol-
The Power Of Horses Was In Their Mouths And Tails As They Were Like Snakes Having Heads For Injury:
It sprang from their buttocks, a heart that could spread venom to even a spirit or a gnome. But what shall it be for, a weapon used in battle for the impoverished and the rich. In a sea of hope there shall be no mermaids, hiss and chuckle but this does not mean that they are not here to revile and deride the rest. Let them take heed in their ability to wrestle and wheeze as the dart may be loaned, leased or rented, a sacred artifact, a power to unleash.
For The Lamb At The Center Of The Throne Shall Be Their Shepherd, He Will Lead Them To Living Waters:
Walk on by, a shattered tombstone close to the native wood. There are flowers in springtime there, a wonderful chance to gain some ground increase your livelihood. Backdrops to old pieces of glass and a circular string of yarn, sequences of fine procession, succession in a queue. Because the answer will come in flowing waters beset by gold and hue for it is the color of the rainbow, it shall infiltrate your mind.
He Saw Another Beast Coming Out Of The Earth With Two Horns That Spoke Like A Dragon:
If you think it will all be over soon, do not be mislead, take another breath, dilate your pupils, stimulate your head. Whether you shall actually live to see the light of another day or cease to exist before tomorrow, you may soon realize that what you had hoped to come to pass will continue to be with us for extended time as long as the sky will remain inseparable and intact for there are far too many creatures lurking in the shadows high above us, masters of their own fading memories, rulers of their own premonitory fate.
All Inhabitants of The Earth Will Worship the Beast:
Let it be so, as there could hardly be another glyph. In such a wretched land, one that has stifled any other hope, perhaps there is nothing else to be said, to be persecuted or obtained in judgement for an unspeakable act of treason, and so there will certainly be horrid events from which a mortal soul must learn to respond, bouts of intense hypothermia, tormenting madness in underwater caves, unbearable proceedings in a variety of sea trials, tortuous circumstances of fate and fortitude, the myth behind the end of a temporal vision, live rounds of ammunition floating into an unsightly cavern of unprincipled mice, serious castigation upon cold blue eddies in a wayward child, an intemperate pool of parasites, revelation in redemptive hair, covered mountain scenes above a moon.
The Park Keeper:
Just at that moment I came out of the cafe, a man emerged from the corner of the park pavilion, at Como Park, that stood alongside the edge of the building's corner. An odd sense of familiarity made me do a double take on him. But the man had done an about-turn, and was walking rapidly the other way, away from me, as if about to walk around Lake Come, a half mile walk. There was something about the slope of his shoulders, and outlying of his short curly hair between his neck collar and slump hat that aroused vague memories for me. I quickened my pace, trying to think those thoughts that formed hidden in my brain about this person. Who could it be in those long and baggy and faded overalls and jacket-shirt that said "Como Park Custodian?" I paused, as he turned about, looked straight into my face, and I chuckled at myself, for I had almost abandon the chase, had it not been for that haunting familiarity of those shoulders, and hair, and lumpy looking body. I now shot a keen look at his face; then I stepped a foot closer abruptly...
There Are Brute Beasts Creatures of Instinct Blots and Blemishes Reveling In A Feast:
Ink spots on the table, mysterious drops, ethereal stops somewhere in the rain. But no one knows when it may all come to a sudden end. The rise of fascists haggling in a thunderstorm, lightning across psilocybin, extraordinary blotter in a clear blue sky, redemption, reparation, absolution expiation on cue, efforts to carry out experiments in daily living fascinating trips upon a locomotive, a desolate moving train, still this is melancholy, depressive antics in gestures from me to you but to call it sadness would certainly be an error because there are rich textures altogether, a compensatory mournful view, yet there are many ways to be quite frank and we must admit that sometimes blemishes can be beautiful nicks, pock marks on the surface of a wondrous shining skin.
History of American Poetry:
History of Poetry on the world's platform has passed from different phases of its origin, series of typical thoughts, new ideas, new discovery, revolution and then modern ideas and a new birth of thoughts in poetry. Literature in every language on earth has witnessed this phase of its existence and survival. Sometimes the period becomes too difficult for poetry to even survive which restricts its development in its new form, however sometimes the period proves itself to be golden age and so conducive for flourishing the flowers of Poetry in which it blooms in its full swings. American Poetry has also originated from the same source passing from all the way of its history to modern 21st century musical era.
Five December Poems::
1) A thousand Years from this Era The scientist, the astrophysicists, the Anthropologist, archeologist, and geologist: The psychologist, and the philosopher- God has their weary bones, their souls in checked!
5 Important Factors To Be Considered While Analyzing A Poem:
Poetry is the imaginative vent of poets and reflects the mood of the poet with a message as well. Analyzing poetry needs literary skills like examining the rhyme scheme, meter, theme, tone and mood of the speaker.

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