The Beast Resembled A Leopard With The Feet Of A Bear And The Mouth Of A Lion

In a leopard's closet you might see the mouth of a bear or a lion in a cave. Fine articles, souvenirs, evening dresses, a winsome object, memoirs, a brief case, military, marksmen, sniper, rifleman, crack pot, junta, adventurous expedition, tribal warfare, diplomat, attache.
A Sudden Death and It's Too Late!:
A Sudden Death Impassioned Prose Poetry I wanted to say it was all nonsense, when I heard it. I wanted to reassure myself of this- This Bad news, perhaps was misunderstood news, why? Because bad news is hard to swallow promptly.
Hail Mary Full of Grace:
Proud of his wonderful task, Gabriel the Archangel, descends to earth, to civilized man, looks down upon Mary, the humbler member of mankind. She has conquered the forces of original sin, compelled upon man after the incident in the Garden of Eden. How was this done? God had transformed, out from this inhospitable forest, earth, into the fertile fields of heaven at some unknown time, exterminated this obstructing seed from her, or that was to be place upon her, that perhaps never was; the main point being, when she'd give birth to Christ, it wasn't' there, it couldn't have been there, it would have been an infectious birth had it been: had it been. What I am really saying here? When Gabriel came to earth on this rare occasion, back in about 4 B.C., in the land what is now called Israel, or the Holy Land, he said to Mary: as we all know, as it has been documented by the apostles, and evidently told to them by Jesus or Mary herself, "Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee... "
Slave, Submit Yourself Not Only To Those Who Are Good And Considerate, But Also Those Who Are Harsh:
In a deep chamber she excels, delivering the instrument, black leather strips, sharpened whips, steel chains. Bare backed, naked buttocks, torn nipples, severed penis, it happens quite slowly in an act of extraordinary discipline, admiration for the devil, mercy of the angels. Under a flame of white light there are demons, evil spirits, savages and ghouls, this is where the worlds collide in ritual, brutal attacks, ghastly assaults never missing the point, in depravity mangling the body for those who are considerate and harsh, degeneration, scandalous merit, those ripped apart, still born, conflicted and always frayed, unravel the hard parts, disentangle them from the forest, the wilderness, the indubitable spark, the inner self, the life force, the wild bushland, the woodland, the mulberry and the furtive trees.
Eye Candy for the Soul - Poem:
Many women focus on how good-looking a man is, but I have a different view about that. I wrote this poem detailing my kind of eye candy. Eye candy for the soul.
Three Poems (The Ignored Place - Dadaist Poem, Moving Hieroglyphs, Dali's Painting):
The Ignored Place (Dadaist Poem) The growing grass slopes were surmounted by the sky of death, by confused thoughts and by a smoking moon.While taking a deep, crouching breath, a greedy beast started to eat the world.There were incessantly blowing shadows and a wind being emerged from them... On a blind stitch of the night, the man was following his yellow horse. His outstretched hand painted the horizon with gestures while waiting to be filled with misery.The famine driving through the naked reality became the cry of this wind.
Pay Attention As A Light Shining In A Dark Place, The Day Dawns, Morning Star Rises In Your Hearts:
In darkened spaces, illuminated faces escaping despicable traces that may come to play unwanted tricks, practical jokes deception, fraud, ploys and scams all of them an illusion, a caper, a swindle, a ruse. But let it shine as the light may enter the night, dark shadows in rising hearts, morning stars just before the dawn as there are lasting places that may bring dragon boat races to a radiant sun.
In His Right Hand He Held Seven Stars And Out Of His Mouth Came A Sharp Double Edged Sword:
For the coming shall be powerful, wondrous and great, big bears and satellites a load of human freight but this is how the wars shall be won up high just miles from the golden gate because this is the bridge to nowhere with weapons so magnificent you can hardly imagine the strength of their weight. Yet all of it a figment in a disordered apocalyptic mind but dreams have a way of coming true and nightmares such a frightening skookum, a prevailing widespread point of view but this is where lesser men and women may begin to quiver and somehow it would be difficult to blame them for their deeds because the consequences could bring terror to even the most stalwart strapping man for who knows what tricks there are to be had, bright lights magnus copa, a demented smirk, a prince of peace, a master of boogie as it will all begin to come dribbling out, you can make your snippet shake a large turquoise tambourine, seven stars based in heaven it can really blow your mind, the stars, the comets, the crimes but remember that timing can be critical, walks upon the boardwalk down by a vacant sea.
Two Pounds Of Wheat For A Day's Wage, Six Pounds Of Barley, Do Not Damage The Oil And The Wine:
The goose and the gander, the poor simpleton does pander so why don't you take another look, saundor, sandor, meander, zinder, zandor, landor, neander, the misanthrope, the evil commander. Someday the ugly duckling will have its day. But if it all begins to make sense to you it might be good for contemplation and some rest for there will always be a place to commiserate and have fun.
I Saw A Sea Of Glass Mixed With Fire Standing By The Sea:
Shattered and jagged all of the words raised upon a lonely night, soft refracted images cast their way downward far from a broken edge, serrated, saw toothed, buckshot, not straight up, no cover for the preacher as the master has many fine points to make, when he denounces the gaucherie, the blunders, the errors of a madman, the sins of an itinerant slave. She is there on an open crest, fine current, a number of pointed birds, sacrificial animals shall take their turn as these are the days when the oven is hot, virginity, virility, moral transgressions, the encroachment, the grave iniquity of an unforgiving god.

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ATHENS—The president of the European Commission approached Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday night about a last-minute financing deal that would require the government in Athens to campaign in favor of the deal in a referendum, ...

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