Are You Intimidated In The Presence Of Other Artists?

I had come across paintings that looked as if the artist had simply thrown the paint at his canvass in either rage or laziness. I did not enjoy what I saw at all. I had seen a lot of art works in my short time of being a painter, therefore I had developed a keen instinct about the artist as a person through his style of works. Upon reading about some of these types of artists, it became clear to me, that once they had established a good name for themselves through obtaining art degrees and building up a good exhibition and a collectors portfolio, it seemed obvious to me that they can become perplexed when it comes to their actual artwork.

4 Good Surfaces For Acrylic Painting:
One of the best things about acrylic paint is its diversity. When wet it's water-soluble, but when dry it's water-resistant. The surface the paint is applied on to is known as the support, while the primer you use to make the surface ready to accept paint is known as the ground. When it comes to acrylic painting, the most common support is stretched canvas. Because acrylic paint doesn't soak into the material, it can be applied to a wide variety of different supports, unlike watercolours and oils.

French Impressionism:
Emerged in France in 1874, impressionism was an art movement that began to explore, jointly, the intensity of colors and the sensitivity of the artist. The name "Impressionism" was given after the pejorative statement of French art critic Louis Leroy to view screen "Impression du Soleil Levant" by Monet, one of the leading artists of the movement.

5 Ways To Create Depth In Landscape Paintings:
Part of the magic of a painting is its ability to draw people in. A good painting should not look two-dimensional: instead, the flat painting should look three-dimensional. Adding depth to a painting helps to make it look three-dimensional. Here are 5 ways to create depth in landscape paintings.

5 Tips For Busy Painters:
When it comes to painting, time is even harder to manage than usual. Painting requires you to commit a lot of time to it, and in this busy day and age, it can be really hard to find a good length of time for you to just unwind, get in the zone and get on with painting. Here are a few tips for busy painters. I hope they help!

Artists That Redefined the Art World:
Art has impacted our lives in ways that we cannot even imagine. Artists, painters, and sculptors from around the world have created art pieces that have redefined art history.

Improvisational Airbrush Painting For the Curious:
If you feel like you want something fun to do, why not try a cool new hobby! One of the most interesting new trends is improvisational airbrush painting. Not only is this type of acrylic painting easy for beginners, it's also loads of fun. Right off the bat you can create amazing cosmic pictures to show off to your friends and family. If you are not sure where to begin, or what cosmic art is, read on for some tips to get started the right way.
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