Art, Music, Theatre and More in Mombasa

Art, Music, Theatre and More in Mombasa:
A historically cultural port town, Mombasa city boasts of unique blend of culture developed through centuries of contacts with both local and foreign cultures that encompasses colorful clothing, superb Swahili delicacies, modern and traditional sports, music and dances and arts and crafts. The indigenous people of Mombasa are collectivists in nature and as a result, they engage in various cultural activities as a means to not only spend their spare time but also to enhance their social togetherness and sense of community Art in Mombasa Museums and Art Galleries Diani Beach Art Gallery...

Coming Clean About Our History:
We think we know our history, but we don't. Archaeologists are finding structures so old they don't fit into the historical picture which has been painted.

Everything You Need To Know About Five Popular Fireworks:
Not all fireworks are the same! Make your next celebration extra special when you learn about five different types of popular fireworks.

Al-Mawakib, The Processions - The Unknown Masterpiece of Kahlil Gibran:
The Processions is an illustrated poetic work of Kahlil Gibran that has never received the attention it so richly deserves. This article provides a brief overview with a sample of a new and more accurate English translation of this important work.

Wanas Castle, a Showplace for Contemporary Art - Where History, Nature and Art Unite:
Wanas Castle is privately owned and on the castle grounds operates both Wanas Estate and Wanas Art. Wanas Estate is active in forestry and agriculture, hunting and property management. Next to this beautiful white medieval castle, in a unique setting including the castle park and the wonderful bright beech forest, some 50 site-specific permanent contemporary sculptures are at display around the year.
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