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Well, it's already starting to happen, humans are getting new non-organic parts for various reasons. Some folks have had a serious injury and lost limbs, eyesight, hearing, or something of this nature. Often these parts come with electronic components to help control them. Something we've already seen is that many of these folks have attempted to individualize their new parts, while they grow fond of them. It gives them a sense of self. Now then, isn't this the same reason that people get body piercings, tattoos, and add-on art like components?

Belly Rings Rank in the Top 5 Types of Jewelry That Girls Want:
With so many choices, how to you know if belly rings or toe rings are the way to go when looking at jewelry. Lucky for you there is a perfect way to find out. Many girls go with trends, and others go their own way. In either case, discover the top 5 jewelry trends right now.

Belly Rings Are Art For Your Body:
? Belly rings are not just a standard silver barbell anymore; they are a fashionable piece of artwork for the body. Belly rings were once known to be simple, silver barbells. As they became more mainstream, that view changed.

Lip Rings: A Fashion Statement for Today's Youth:
In recent years, fashion and fashion statement has got many new aspects. With the ever-increasing new concepts and dimensions in fashion world, today's generation is accepting appealing fashion styles to be a part of mainstream. One of such most popular trend in today's youth is wearing lip rings.

Body Art Modification: Make a Style Statement With Body Piercing and Tattoo:
Body art has always been a topic of controversy. According to many people, it is a little risky and one may also get injured. There is a lot of controversy involved with body art modification but the fact is that it is becoming more and more popular among the young generation.

Belly Button Rings Are Safer Than Ever:
? Belly button rings, like all piercings, have become safer to get now that they are more socially acceptable. Belly button rings were once done at home by friends or in the back of shops by people who had no right to be piercing anyone. Many times this would lead to infection and scarring because it was either done improperly or the person getting the piercing was not instructed on the care it needed.

Belly Button Rings Compliment A Great Summer Body:
With summer approaching, now is the best time to get your belly button piercing. It's best to get your piercing healed up before you head outside in the sun.
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