Quick Tips About The Earliest Age

Often I am asked, "What do you think is the earliest age at which a child may begin to study the piano?" My response is that no age is too early to begin piano lessons. I say the earlier the better! Many cultures begin at the age of 3 or 4. It's a green light to begin if the child is musical and eager to learn, and if the piano teacher is stimulating and imaginative enough. One must be passionate in music education, planting seeds in young minds. Enthusiasm does matter.

Piano Sight Reading Tips and Methodology:
This article outlines some of the best practices when learning to sight read music. Learning to sight read effectively will make practice time more efficient and make the student a better musician over all.

9 Tips to Practice Guitar Like a Pro:
Finding guitar practice boring? You're probably not doing it right. Here are 9 tips to ensure that you get the most out of your practice sessions.

5 Things You Can Do to Get Better at Mixing:
Mixing is a skill that needs to be worked on like anything else - be it playing an instrument (for me - my drums) or decorating fantastic cakes (don't know where that example came from - blame my wife!) It's a craft that needs to be developed it doesn't just happen. You need to put the hours in to make your mixing skills better.

How to Master Music:
Are you a beginner, intermediate or even advanced level player and unsure how to further yourself as a guitar player? No matter where you are in your musical journey, there are certain aspects of your musical skills you must develop to succeed. Learn what they are.

How to Write Better Songs:
Imagine what your life looks like when people come to you for advice on songwriting. Read this article about how to write better songs and begin your journey towards expertise.

Is Music College Right For You?:
Around 2002 I wanted to get serious about playing guitar so I decided to go to Music College. I chose the ACM in Guildford, England, which had only been open a few years but was really making waves in the music education industry. The facilities were fantastic with state of the art equipment and an impressive faculty of instructors which at the time included: Guthrie Govan, Dave Kilminster, Pete Friesen (Alice Cooper's Guitarist), Jamie Humphries, the late great Eric Roche, Pete Callard and Mike Goodman to name a few.
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