Alloy Wheels Maintenance Made Easy

The benefits of alloy wheels are well known. They combine strength and lightness while having better heat conduction and looks compared to their steel counterparts. They are quite durable as well. Still, this does not mean that they are completely protected from damage. It is your job as the owner to maintain them in good condition. Find out how to do this.

Effect of Wheel Size on Your Car:
Plus-sizing your wheels and tires is an easy way to upgrade a vehicle's look. As a wheel gets larger in diameter, the tire's sidewall must necessarily shrink to maintain the same profile. These larger alloy wheels with their shorter tire sidewalls have bold visual appeal. Bigger tires and wheels look cool, no doubt about it.

Selling Your Car? Get 5% More Money With These 3 Easy Detailing Tips!:
We all know that the spring time is the best time to sell your car. And if you didn't know that, you do now, BONUS! I'm going to share with you three super-easy detailing tricks I used to get AT LEAST 5% more for my car than the next guy's.

Cars to Look Out for, From the House of Mahindra and Mahindra:
Mahindra and Mahindra Limited is a known name in the global auto market. From cars to tractors, the ace automobile giant produces a range of vehicles. We take sneak peek at the upcoming cars from the house of the vehicle manufacturer.

Current Trends in Automobile Headlights:
High-quality custom headlights can replace the factory-installed fixtures that light up modern cars' front ends. Car owners who are not satisfied with the subpar headlights that come with their vehicles now have plenty of options available to them. Aside from the lighting mechanism itself, better and more reliable materials are also available to car owners, including corrosion-free stainless steel mounting brackets and lightweight die-cast aluminum housing.

Car Wrapping - What To Expect:
Car wraps have become great marketing tools for companies and all kinds of businesses. They are cost effective and can also be used to enhance the general look or appearance of vehicles or a fleet. When considering car wrapping, you can either get a full wrap or a particle wrap. The full wrap covers the entire vehicle, giving it a complete new look. It can make an old car appear brand new when it is done by a professional. The partial wrap on the other hand is wrapping that is done only on targeted areas or vehicle portions. It can be ideal for cars that have too many problems areas that won't hold the full wrap very well.

How Do You Know Which Color Scheme to Select on Your Hot Rod?:
If you have a custom hot rod, then you know what it is like to have the perfect colors on that bad boy. Color plays one of the most important roles in customization of cars. You can have the biggest, baddest engine in the world but without the proper color combo, the car seems worthless.

The Benefits of Parking Systems:
Businesses and building owners use parking systems on a daily basis to protect reserved parking spaces. These barriers are designed to reduce the risk of visitors using bays which have been reserved for tenants, apartment owners, offices and more.
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