Application of Big Data in Automotive Industry

Big Data has taken the world by storm, reshaping the course of our thoughts and actions in all spheres of life. Using mathematical models, statistical tools and brilliantly crafted algorithms, it has forged a deadly combination with Petabytes of available data and computational power. Players in the automotive industry can leverage this low-cost, high performance, predictive analysis that offers incredible multi-faceted correlation based insights involving millions of variables and data points.

5 Anti-Ex Boy/Girlfriend Songs to Burst in Your Car Audio on Valentine's Day:
Is there a no better song to express one's feelings of disillusionment in love? In the song, there is a clear loathing toward love song and love and general.

How To Buy The Best HID Kit For Your Vehicle?:
If you have experienced enough problems with your vehicle's headlights then it's time to buy a HID kit so that you can hit the road safely. Keep reading this post to get some great tips that can help you choose the best HID kit for your vehicle.

Car Dealerships Tapping Into the Accessory Market:
The interest in personalization and customization of automobiles is rapidly growing. Since the year 2000, the auto accessory market has steadily grown at an annual rate of eight percent. Car dealerships could benefit by tapping into this market and claiming a larger slice of the auto accessory sales' pie.

Amazon India to Sell Automotive Parts and Accessories:
Amazon India has launched a new Car & Motorbike Store on their website which boasts of having over 22,000 products. The products range from engine oils, filters, additives, polishes seat covers, helmets, spark plugs, car vacuum cleaners, car electronics and much more!

What Should You Know About Car Diagnostic Tools?:
If you want to keep your vehicle in good condition, you need to use car diagnostic tools. Here, you'll discover the importance of using such types of vehicles tools.

Ute Car Accessories - Safeguarding Your Vehicle:
Whenever it comes to selecting the top car accessories for your vehicle, which includes trays, ladder racks, roof racks, Lids, canopies & tool boxes, there are a few facts that you need to take into account for getting the most out of the process. Saving money in the long run may be vital, but you must concentrate on the quality of the products you are buying if you are actually concerned about your vehicle. Adding style and class to your vehicle is invariably a beneficial thing and will take it in the core of attention. Auto accessories are starting to be a great way to increase the value of your vehicle.

Tips on Buying Mexican Car Insurance Before Your Upcoming Trip:
If you are planning on visiting Mexico either for a short trip, or an extended stay, and you will be operating a vehicle in this country; then you may want to consider investing in Mexican car insurance. There are different legal systems in place in Mexico, when compared to the United States; and some significant difference in insurance coverage's that are offered for drivers. When buying a plan for an upcoming trip to Mexico, it is usually best to purchase a short term policy online before entering the country; to avoid any potential issues.
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