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Whether your passion is to paint or just appreciate others' art, to design and build something new and different or maybe you enjoy photography, there is always information or great reading on any of these subjects. You may be wondering what type of information you can find or perhaps you are looking for a book that can show you the basics of photography. These are all possible to find and will provide enjoyable reading as well.

Book Review of "Color Is Everything" by Dan Barges:
Artist Dan Bartges dovetails on the latter portion of that quote to give the world this guide to utilizing color. It is read like the warmth of a conversation with an old friend but with the technical excellence of a well-written textbook. Ideally, readers will grasp color harmony when employing strategies mastered by all great artists.

Large Picture Frames - Sometimes, Pictures Can Tell a Better Story:
You had been to one of your friend's place on a dinner party. You and your entire family were asked to sit in the drawing room.

Don't Let Your Camera Or Your Love of Photography Turn Into Frustration - Book Review:
Want to learn how to take better pictures? Well, that's what I wanted to learn so, I purchased a photography book and became a quasi-expert in under 3-months, (in my mind). But, seriously I wouldn't be willing to say that or couldn't had I not read this book.

How to Draw Children: Secrets to Drawing Realistic Children - A Book Review:
If you want to draw graphic pencil portraits of children, you will want a good guide. There are very few books on the market devoted specifically to drawing kids. Secrets to Drawing Realistic Children, by Carrie Stuart Parks and Rick Parks, is one of the best.

Art Book Review - George Inness - One the Ninetieth Century's Greatest Painters:
The ninetieth century had tremendous competition for great artisans, and painters. One was George Inness, perhaps the best, although some might debate this. Of course, once you become acquainted by his art, you'll have to agree he was in the top five for sure. To better illustrate this and perhaps persuade you to truly see inside this great painters talents, I'd sure like to recommend a very good art book to you:

Spirit by: Q Wang - Book Review:
Spirit: The Paintings of Q. Wang is a collection of contemporary paintings by Q. Wang, a current resident of Southern California. In this "Coffee table" style of high-quality art-book of 44 selected works of artist Q. Wang created during the period from 2006 through 2010, are displayed with only title and date of origin; leaving the viewer to "feel the art", or as stated in the Preface, "hear the music" without the distraction of a narrative.

Barcelona Enshrined - Antoni Gaudi - The Complete Architectural Works by Rainer Zerbst:
Anyone who has not yet visited Barcelona, the Catalan capital, will find Rainer Zerbst's book, Antoni Gaudi could provide the stimulus to make the visit at the first available opportunity. This chronological study of the architect's work is detailed, informative and illustrative.
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