Attending the School of Hard Knocks

Learning by Experience can be Tough, and the Tuition is High - Being a beginner in any endeavor is always challenging. The beginning note investor has many important decisions to consider and evaluate. Investing in mortgage notes and promissory notes is profitable when done correctly. Learning to do it right, the first time, is safer and cheaper than learning by making your own mistakes. The school of hard knocks charges a high tuition.

How A Suitable Pension Plan Can Help:
Nothing lasts forever, not beauty, nor health and neither the youth. Eventually one after another, these once assets of your life betray you and fade with time.

Retirement Planning With Annuities:
You know how important it is to plan for your retirement, but where do you begin? One of your first steps should be to estimate how much income you'll need to fund your retirement. That's not as easy as it sounds, because retirement planning is not an exact science.

Are You Fearful of Your Finances in Your Retirement Years?:
Sadly, most women will answer 'yes'. That said, you have more control over your financial situation than you probably think. And if you don't think you have any control then it's time to be proactive and take some action. This is your life. This is your future.

7 Key Auto Enrolment Duties for Employers:
By 2018, all UK employers will be expected to have an Auto Enrolment scheme in place. This article covers 7 of the key duties that each employer must complete in order to comply with the rules.

The Unexpected Reason You Need Asset Protection:
With the threat of wealth confiscation by the government, everyone needs an asset protection strategy. But now there's a new reason to protect your assets: the rise of robots.

FINRA Warns and Informs About Variable Annuities:
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) recently published an investor alert to help educate investors about variable annuities and suggest questions to ask when considering the purchase of these products. The following information is a summary of FINRA's advice.

Promissory and Mortgage Note Valuation: Valuation Factors:
As frequently happens, financial planners, tax attorneys, CPA's and businessmen need appraisals of promissory notes and real estate mortgage notes. They may need the appraisal for estate tax planning, gift tax planning, dividing an inheritance, or for dividing assets during a partnership dissolution or divorce proceeding.
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