Bibles Are Polluted Documents With Very Little Original Content

Jerome wrote in his diary how he altered the Old Testament and added to it to make it align with his production called the New Testament. He took the writings from around the empire and compiled the latter which he added to the Septuagint, translated by him, and called the final text the Vulgate, which was published late 4th CAD.

Two Old Women: A Book Review:
"Two Old Women" is a great book about Alaskan Athabaskan culture. It highlights interesting cultural themes of strength, endurance, and cooperation.

Peckerwood Twist by Nathan Lichtwar:
Ready to get out of the sweltering summer heat, Sam Paris goes to his usual spot: The Peckerwood Bar in Port Salerno, Florida, famous for its spicy hot sauce and its unsavory characters. The bar patrons are as rough and tough as Sam and his language when someone annoys him. In his sixties and with a history, including as a Vietnam vet, Sam pays attention to everything and everyone around him from "Habit born out of self-preservation and lessons learned the hard way.

A Review of The Great Gatsby:
Check my review of The Great Gatsby, one of the greatest novels of all time. I hope you will enjoy it.

Messages of Life From Death Row:
A Very dear friend of mine, Roger W McGowen, has spent more than half his life on death row in Texas for a crime we know he did not commit (he is now 47). Rather than allowing himself to be destroyed by totally inhumane circumstances, he used them to grow. Often painfully, slowly, with setbacks, but never, never giving up his relentless search for improvement, a deeper understanding of life, a more spiritual vision.

The Many Reasons Why Online Books Are Popular Nowadays:
Paper books were the common format in the past because it was the only available format. Nowadays, the internet has become the source for everything and that includes books. In this digital age, online books have become a great source of information. There are volumes on virtually every and any topic that you can think of. There are many reasons why texts in the electronic version are a popular pick these days. We've mentioned a few of them below.

Disciples Are Leaders:
Leadership starts with a purpose, not a plan. Disciples have a purpose, which is to make more disciples. Keeping this in mind, a plan can then be worked out.

"The Minister's Black Veil": A Review:
Nathaniel Hawthorne was a novelist and short story writer born in 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts. The majority of Hawthorne's works were concentrated on New England Puritanism accentuating on moral allegories and his works portrayed messages of deep psychological complexity. He belonged to the Romantic movement particularly Dark Romanticism for his themes illustrate inner evil and sin of humanity. Hawthorne suffered from a heavy past that reflected in his writings as his grandfather, a judge of the Salem witch trials, was guilty of innocent deaths.
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