Book Review of How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With

Looking at a litter of cute little puppies makes it easy to look over the hard task of raising a good well-mannered dog. Choosing the puppy you take home is much simpler than actually managing and teaching the puppy and many people only come to realize that too late. How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With is a well revised and expanded book that will help you do this with ease.

SitStayFetch by Daniel Stevens - A Content Review of SitStayFetch:
If you do a search for SitStayFetch on the net, you will find hundreds of thousands of pages pointing to this guide. Buy what exactly makes this guide so special? Would it be something that can really help you train your dog?

Pet Book Review - The English Springer Spaniel:
All dogs are considered to be loyal, that is why we call dogs, man's best friend. Still, some breeds are far more loyal to their owners and smarter too. One such breed is the English Springer Spaniel, and their owners truly cannot say enough great things about them. They are loyal, great with kids, smart, obedient and perhaps the best dog one could own.

How to Help Your Pet Overcome Their Fear of Visiting the Vet:
It is not unusual to find your pet dog, or cat, panicking and afraid to visit the vet. One way you can make it easier on your self and the staff at the veterinary hospital is to relax.

Do Dogs Dream Like People?:
For anyone who has watched their dog sleep, the obvious answer is yes. But the scientific answer is, "we don't know."

A Member of the Family, Cesar Millan - Just Like a Kid:
The dog whisperer does it again in A Member of the Family. Cesar Millan shows dog owners how to get the most out of your dog's life. Just like on his TV show Millan uses his talent to show any dog lover all they need to know to help make their dog's life as fulfilling and as long as possible. He uses his unique understanding of dogs to weave his story like a fine fabric showing all the ways in which dog ownership can be truly wonderful.

Tale of a Puppy Mill - Cavalier King Charles Dog - Book Review:
"Saving Gracie," by Carol Bradley is both a story and a resource guide on puppy mill dogs. This is a book that should be read by as many people as possible, especially those who think that what happens in puppy mills doesn't personally affect them.

Once in a Lifetime Dog: My Borisangel by Chantelle Hildreth:
Once in a Lifetime Dog is the true story of Chantelle Hildreth and the love she had for her Russian Wolfhound, Boris. It is also her story of how Boris changed her life.
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