Brain Cancer

The mourning does not end at the funeral. Not any more than the race ends at the finish line. There is an after loss and vacuum that takes as long as it takes to subside. All the platitudes, compromises, prayers, do not soften the pain. Life goes on but with half a heart.

Causes of Brain Cancer:
Brain Cancer is the abnormal growth of brain cells. Cancer is caused when there is a change in the genetic makeup of the cell, and it begins to unconditionally multiply and proliferate. There are many risk factors that could cause cancer. Some of the causes of brain cancer are age, UV rays, mobile phones, medical conditions, heredity, virus and radiotherapy.

Brain Cancer Survival Rate - Know Your Chances:
Known to be one of the most incurable types of cancer, brain cancer survival rate may not be something a patient would really want to hear. Different medical sources would tell you different results based on different aspects to consider but one thing remains true until today - brain cancer survival rate for most patients suffering from the disease is pretty low.

A Brain Tumor Treatment Process:
There are many dangerous diseases in the world. Such as Aids, Blood Cancer, Brain Tumor, Breast Cancer etc. Brain Tumor is one of them...

Returning to School After a Cancer Diagnosis:
After battling cancer, returning to school can be a challenge. However there are many roads parents and children can take to make this transition happen more smoothly and with less stress. It is all a matter of communication.

Brain Cancer Symptoms:
Brain cancer is usually caused by growth of cancer cells in the brain itself or the spread of cancer cells to the brain from other parts of the body. In the former case it is categorized as primary and in the latter as secondary. The tumor may be benign or malignant. If benign, it may not be life threatening. The malignant one is cancerous and is the leading killer among all types of cancer.
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