Camper Vans and Motorhomes - What's the Difference?

Options for traveling solo or with your family vary far and wide. While many are content with choosing a destination and finding accommodations at that one spot, many prefer the flexibility camper vans and motorhomes offer. Not only do you have more flexibility in where you can go, you also can travel at your own pace, on your own schedule - no check out dates and no schedules, other than the time you've committed for the vacation of course.

Evolution of the Caravan:
A caravan is usually towed behind a vehicle to provide a place to sleep, cook and change. It's like a small house but a wider tent, profoundly useful while traveling long distances. The caravan traces a more than a century long history.

The Best Commercial Vehicle for Your Company:
If your company is considering purchasing a commercial vehicle there are many options available in both style and models. Getting the right vehicle for your company can be the key to operational success. In this article there are some useful buyer's tips for those considering purchasing a vehicle.

Vehicle Leasing: Conditions That Apply to the Process:
Van leasing contracts are often confusing and problematic at a later point if you do not develop a clear understanding. This article might help you avoid all future pitfalls pertaining to the same.

2013 Ford Transit Connect Tech Specs:
The can-do Transit Connect will take you and your stuff wherever you want, but with its small footprint. Sold in van and wagon configurations, this model gets up to 27 mpg.

Benefits of Buying and Leasing a Van: A Brief Comparison:
UK van leasing companies have opened a new financing opportunity for small and mid-size business owners. While van leasing offers are on a rise, many business owners are still confused about whether or not lease car. Here is a snappy guide for them.

Regular Maintenance for Classic B Camper Van and Motorhomes:
Breaking down on the side of the road is something we shouldn't wish on our worst enemies-it's inconvenient, stressful, and just plain unsafe. There is nothing quite as disappointing as spending a rare vacation sprawled over a smoking engine with grease-covered arms. Fortunately, with proper maintenance, hopefully you can prevent this from happening.

Caravan Care Tips:
Storing away caravans can often cause long term damage over the winter if proper measures are not taken. In this article we look at what steps should be taken in order to properly store away your caravan and prevent damage.

3 Types of Businesses That Can Benefit From Conversion Vans:
Conversion vans are an asset that most businesses overlook, but they have great potential for increasing both growth and visibility. More people every day are seeing small business as the answer to an increasingly uncertain economy, and for some of these businesses, a van might be the only large investment you need to get started. A custom van not only allows you to travel for business purposes while storing everything you need, it is also a high-profile vehicle.
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