Civil War Novel, Dawn Drums, a Brilliant Read

May of 1864 was perhaps the Civil War's most terrible month. Dawn Drums begins at this crucial time and its action coincides closely with the sesquicentennial of the events it depicts. Told by the voices of Abraham Lincoln, Clara Barton, Almira Martin, General Grant and a host of other Civil War participants, including a small group of black "contrabands," Robert Walton's narrative offers an utterly unique and riveting view of the Civil War's last year.

Fleeting Dreams, By: Joan Fowle Miles - Book Review:
Fleeting Dreams: World War One Love Letters- The Architect and the Librarian, by Joan Fowle Miles is a celebration of love. It celebrates the love between a man and woman even in the midst of the hardship of separation, the devotion of a son to his father, the admiration for the wonders in this world that even the fear of war cannot diminish, and the loyalty one feels to their country. Through a series of real letters written by her parents throughout World War One, Miles allows readers to discover the thoughts, ideals, and fears of the nation during this harrowing...

A Great River Comes Alive - Thames: The Biography by Peter Ackroyd:
Thames: The Biography by Peter Ackroyd purports to offer a sister volume to the highly successful London: The Biography. The reader travels the length of the river in geography and time. We encounter a character whose physical presence, history and inspiration meld into a personality.

"The Kindly Ones" of Jonathan Littel:
The book of Jonathan Littel "The Kindly ones" is a description of the living Milgram experiment. We are no better than the Nazis - that is one of the conclusions that comes to your mind as you read the book.

The Mayflower's Grueling Voyage Offers Hope To Unfree Peoples Everywhere:
In "The Mayflower: A Voyage from Hell," writer Kevin Jackson looks at the reality behind the mythic status of the Mayflower -- and the journey that 'created' the New World. Most of the voyagers of that famed 1620 crossing of the Atlantic were not in fact religious pilgrims, but people intent on forging a better life for themselves in the virgin territory of America's east coast. 130 hardy souls were confined in a space no bigger than a tennis court, braving the Northern Crossing without any firm idea of what awaited them in the New World. A riveting account of the sailing that changed the world.

What Kind of Ground Is Your Heart? - Part 1:
There are 4 kinds of ground. The Good Book, the Bible describe them as: Wayside, Stony Ground, Among Thorns and Good Ground. On each type of ground, there was an occurrence.

Book Review: "We Shall Not Be Moved: Rebuilding Home in the Wake of Katrina":
"We Shall Not Be Moved: Rebuilding Home in the Wake of Katrina", written and published in 2012 by Tom Wooten, presents the story of post-disaster recovery following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Mr. Wooten's book actually contains a collection of stories about post-Katrina recovery in five different New Orleans neighborhoods. It is a great read for those who have interest in learning more about the City of New Orleans both pre-Katrina and post-Katrina. The book is also recommended reading for anyone interested in the anatomy of a recovery in any community following a disaster. There have been several books and articles published about Katrina. However, this book is focused on the longer-term recovery process in New Orleans'. More importantly, this book educates the reader that community recovery following a disaster is about the community's residents and where they live i.e. the neighborhoods.

England In the Late Middle Ages (1307-1536) by A. R. Myers:
England in the fourteenth century was a nation at war, both externally with France and internally with itself. Those who survived conflict were ravaged by pestilence and plague. It was an age of warrior kings and bovver-boy politics. But by the end of the first third of the fifteenth century England had emerged into a new state of incipient modernity, where medieval values were in terminal decline. A. R. Myers's book charts the history of these turbulent times and illustrates how change came about. In the process, he offers a text that both explains and entertains.
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