The East in The Light of Edward Said's

Edward Said's signature work, the theory of "Orientalism", has been celebrated as a post-colonial propaganda where 'cultural strength' is found to be a crucial aspect for relating the West's ideology about the East. Both the West and the East, in their observation of the fact of 'cultural strength', have their own ways of defining and implementing it though sometimes in a selfish and autocratic way like the West and sometimes in a servile and spontaneous way as that of the East. In our process of dissecting as well as supporting the mentioned topic we shall be attempting to define 'cultural strength' and its importance from the perspectives of both the West and the East.

Longinus' Literary Sublimity in O. Henry's "The Last Leaf":
Cassius Longinus, who is credited for the authorship of "On the Sublime", described and defined literary sublimity as "excellence in language"2, "expression of great spirit"2 and "the power to provoke ecstasy"2. Longinus also stated the five sources of sublimity namely: grander of thought or the power of forming great conceptions; capacity for strong emotions or vehement and inspired passion; certain kinds of figures of speech; nobility of diction; and dignified and elevated composition or dignity of composition.3 In O. Henry's masterpiece, "The Last Leaf", how these can be applied to prove sublimity?

'Fear Itself' In The Diary of Anne Frank:
Hundreds of fantastic novels, essays and other writings have been penned about Nazi Germany. Gruesome, shocking portrayals of what went on in the concentration camps, how many lives were lost, the aftermath and prospect of dealing with indescribable grief that followed. But The Diary of Anne Frank is not about any of those things.

The Depreciated Legacy of Cervantes:
In The Art of the Novel Milan Kundera makes observations that echo Charles Baudelaire's enraged comments concerning the values of literature in nineteenth century Europe. An embittered Baudelaire writes: "France is passing through a period of vulgarity. Paris: A center radiating stupidity in every direction. Despite Moliere and Beranger, no one would ever have supposed that France would take to the road of progress at such a rate. Matters of art: terrae incognitae." According to Kundera the specialization wrought by science has managed to reduce man into a mere automaton: a thoughtless pawn manipulated by the masters of industry who have forgotten the deeper meaning of life.

New Book Explores Themes and Life of World Famous Indian Author:
Gulnaz Fatma's "Ruskin Bond's World" is a long overdue treatment of the major themes in the works of one of India's most famous and internationally known writers. This study explores the short stories, novels, and Bond's own personal life to provide a richer understanding of the themes most important to Bond's writing. A complete bibliography of Bond's works is also included.

To Kill the Duke, By: Sam Moffie - Book Review:
This novel is a carefully woven escapade that brings together the elite Russian spy squad of Mr. Zavert, Boris Gila, Alexei Aleksandra and Ivan Viznapu as they start on a dangerous mission that brings them into contact with the gangsters Mickey Cohen and Johnny Stompanato, the billionaire Howard Hughes, the producer/director Dick Powell, the actress Susan Hayward, countless others, and of course the big man himself - John Wayne.

Review: The Hairy Ape by Eugene O'Neil:
Set in very grim and gloomy environment the play aims to project the plight of the lower working class, who seem to be in quest of identity, and in need of recognition from the society. The play makes it mark because it is blunt and a mirror image of the society.

Rethinking the Classics - Top 10 Fresh Hamlet Research Paper Topics:
The Vitality of "Hamlet' in Shakespearean Literature - Students of English literature continue to be virtually mesmerized by Shakespeare. Such is the importance of the writer and his work that no amount of research and probing has been able to completely cover all dimensions of his literary excellence. He has always been a subject of intense research by scholars, teachers and student.
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