Digital Makeup And Photo Retouching Help

You may have seen photos of beautiful Hollywood actresses on the covers of popular magazines. Their faces look flawless in the pictures. In fact, they appear more beautiful in the pictures than they actually are. You might be wondering how come they look so beautiful. Actually, the credit goes to the digital makeup. Digital makeup is applied by artists on the photos of celebrities using special apps installed on a computer. If you have some pictures of yours and you want to edit them to apply digital makeup, you can do so provided you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop and other photo editing tools.

Refresh Your Space NOW With Wall Graphics or Wall Art:
As the seasons change, so do our tastes. Instead of worrying about costly redecorating changes, we offer budget friendly ideas such as wall art or wall graphics design to refresh any space! Adding great wall art to your small office space can change your outlook on the day and can even increase productivity, so check out these ideas to bring color and fun to the office.

What Is Image Masking?:
What is the art of image masking? Image masking, as the name suggests, is the art of separating a certain part from an image where the edges cannot be clearly defined, such as isolating a girl with curly hair from a photo. If you are familiar with a good image-editing app and you have got it installed on your personal computer, you can do the image masking on your own with ease. In this post, you will get to know about this technique and its benefits in details.

Educational Value of Scale Model Kits:
Article that discusses the educational relevance of scale model kits as a sub-category of building sets. The main purpose is to present scale model assembly as more than just a hobby.

Introduction to Art Galleries:
The artistic world is so big that it divides art galleries into a large number of categories. Normally, an art gallery focuses on a specific thing and it is taken care of by a curator who knows everything about that type of art. Most often, in art galleries one can find art from certain regions, from a specific medium, style of art that has one sole focus (political art can be an example).

The Art of Comic Illustration:
We represent 54 of the worlds' finest comic illustrators specializing in funny and comic book style work. Get in touch with our professional agents dedicated to find the perfect illustrator for your needs.
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