Don't Get Hung Up on the Sample Rate of Your Gear

When you look back on the songs, you wrote in 10 years time when sample rate and bit depth (including most of the equipment you're using now) will undoubtedly be far surpassed, it'll be the quality of songs you wrote that will shine through and how you used the gear you had. Similar to The Beatles situation - or you could get stuck behind the techno talk, waiting for that day when you've got the ultimate gear set-up... the chances are you won't have your songs to look back on...

Bottleneck and Slide Guitar Playing:
Bottleneck and slide guitar playing. This is a form of guitar playing which has been around for nearly one hundred years or more. Its roots are embedded in the African-American negro blues music. It is easily recognized when played by the wailing sound it makes on the fretboard of the guitar.

Treating Your Listening Environment:
99% of us that consider music either a hobby or slightly more so wind up in less than ideal spaces to conduct our art. We might get stuck in a small, carpeted apartment room, an area with high traffic noise, or we might even have a tiny human crawling around our house whose critiques might be better off unheard. Compromises must be made for great living spaces versus great studio spaces.

What Everybody Should Know About Singing High Notes:
Everyone can learn to sing high notes. The goal is to find a healthy method to produce high notes with ease and power. Read this article before attempting to learn to sing high notes to avoid disappointment and confusion.

The Singer's Fountain of Youth: The Zhorella Method:
Ask Maria Zhorella what about her teaching differs from that of other vocal trainers and she is quick to answer, "Nothing. Many good teachers teach the same things." While watching her in action, however, it becomes clear that she is referring to the principles of good singing. What she has neglected to mention is her uncanny ability, with a few deft strokes, to bring those principles alive for those with whom she works.

How To Learn And Master Your Guitar Technique Faster:
Have you ever struggled to learn a guitar technique and gave up out of despair when you didn't master it fast enough? Or perhaps you're feeling you should be able to learn how to perform a new technique faster than it takes you. This article will help you pinpoint why this is happening and show you how to get the most out of your practice sessions.

Deep House Music Production Tips (Part 1):
Are you looking to create the right feel and vibe for your next deep house track? This article will look at all the different components and discuss how to get them sounding like they should.
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