Fast Credit Repair - How Credit Repair Services Work

The purpose of this article is to help the reader to differentiate between an honest and reputable credit repair company vs. the credit repair companies that are misleading the consumer. Time & Money are two things that no wants to lose, especially with little to no results and this article will inform the reader to make a better decision in choosing the right credit repair company.

9 Reasons Why I Hate Credit Cards:
I began thinking about credit cards differently when I was 18 years old and my grandpa said to me "using a credit card is like taking out a mortgage on your clothes." And now, a short 10 years later, I can proudly say that I've never had a credit card (and I never will).

Why You Need Good Personal Credit:
If you have gone to a lender and got denied did you know what your credit score was prior to applying? Not understanding your credit score will hurt your bottom line. Learn why you need excellent credit and how you can approach the bank with confidence.

How Credit Cards Cause Global Warming:
I threw all my credit cards into the dustbin. What about you? What legacy would you like to leave for your children... big houses, big cars and big debts or clean air, clean water and clean food?

Changes to Your Credit Rating Score Effective 12th March 2014:
Do you know what changes have occurred in relation to your Veda credit score and how seriously this can affect you? Many people have no idea of how seriously they can be affected until it's too late. I'm going to give you a few pointers on how to stay within the guidelines to keep your credit rating clean.

Alternative Financing:
Necessity is the mother of invention and the liquidity drought, coupled with the capital adequacy requirements of Basel III, have made many banks increasingly reluctant to lend to companies. A host of alternative means to raise company financing have resulted, ranging from corporate and retail bonds to catastrophe bonds and dim sum bonds. What other means can companies employ to woo potential investors and reduce their reliance on bank funding?
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