Five Holocausts We Forgot

When the Nazis surrendered and those fortunate enough to survive their concentration camps told their stories to the world, we reacted with shock and hilarity. How could any sane man torture another to such an extent? We promised ourselves we would never allow another event in history to rival such barbarity. In this article, I present to you 7 cases of heart-wrenching genocide in remembrance of almost 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, 1945.

US Presidents and the Arts: A Vision for the Nation:
When was the last time you heard an American president talk about the arts? First President George Washington considered promoting the arts as a duty of every citizen. Have other presidents followed his advice? Here are 7 ways that U.S. presidents contributed to the artistic health of the country.

Story About Germantown, National Historic Landmark:
Germantown was founded in 1681. The founding thirteen families came from Krefeld in Germany.

Silbury Hill - Chalk Mound or Pyramid Mound?:
English Heritage and the archaeological establishment believe Silbury Hill to be a chalk mound. UNESCO describes it as the largest man made mound in Europe. Driving past this ancient monument today it is quite easy to readily accept this simple explanation. However, if we literally dig a bit deeper and look further afield, is there something more to Silbury Hill than just a chalk mound?

What Leads You?:
Do you see God as one who drives you to 'do things right' or as a loving Father who leads you? This article explores the image that David had of God by using Psalm 23:1. It closes by challenging you to consider how you see God.

Why Should An Individual Sacrifice Self to Help The Masses Who Secretly Despise Them?:
Not long ago, a gentleman asked to join our think tank, it's an online type endeavor, where very smart people share their knowledge and information. Interestingly enough, he noted that our website was in need of an upgrade. To this I could not disagree. In fact, I explained to him the reluctance of spending vast sums to do so, and admitted our web presence was weak.
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