Gold and Silver Management of Perception - The Upside of Manipulation

As long as you keep them confused, disconnected, and anesthetized, the crime can continue unabated. A disenfranchisement that has been a necessary evil for the elite to get away with in the name of absolute power.

Juxtapose - Debt, Money, Silver and Gold:
The poster child for financial-economic derived mismatches is of course the silver market, where price management has occurred for so long that few recognize it... One of the most compelling ratios describing the true nature of the current economic-financial state of affairs is the current relationship between labor force participation and corporate profits.

Beating the Dead Horse Again:
You can bet they are prepared. Why else would one of the largest banks in the world with the largest concentrated commodity short derivative positions be quietly (desperately?) stacking the physical equivalent?

A Time to Prepare:
The observation of modern finance through the lens of sound money requires an onion peeler. Each time I imagine onions, I think of my soft contact lens patients; the ones who abuse them. I think of the patients who wear them too long or through periods of mild irritation or redness and practice poor hygiene.

Learning to Trade Commodities:
If you wish to make consistent profits from commodities trading, you will have to trade consistently. Never trade with the intention of making large sums of money right away. This is why usually 80% to 90% of the traders lose their money through trading commodities. When you are learning to trade commodities, a time will come when you achieve the breakeven point. This is the point where trading becomes profitable.

Understanding Technical Analysis Futures Trading:
Some people may wonder if technical analysis futures trading is the same regardless of the market that you are trading. Well, at first, the answer may seem like it is. After all, most technical analysis is predicated on data derived from a contract. However, there are at least a couple of differences between doing technical analysis on the futures market and any other market that may be considered.

Food Stamps, Subprime and Hyperinflation:
The next generation will look back at the current period with utter astonishment. The archives will be riddled with debates and all manner of euphemisms for what led to the collapse of the world's first and last fiat reserve currency.

First Steps in Understanding Volume Analysis and How It Leads Price:
Typical volume indicators represent the overall number of buyers or sellers for each specified bar. A trader may look at this type of volume representation to evaluate the liquidity of the instrument. This tells him or her whether there is sufficient activity to enable one to enter or exit a position easily.
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