How Recent Events Hinder Your Investment Return

Investors should be conscious of the recency bias when developing their portfolio. The recency bias is the habit to assume recent trends in market activity will continue well into the future.

Appraisal of Promissory Notes - Who Needs It?:
Understanding How and Why. Traded Assets vs. Non-Traded--Understanding the Difference. Who needs Appraisals? Definition of Value. Valuation Methods.

Top Ten Ways to Grow Your Assets in 2015:
With gas prices continuing to fall,consumers may be feeling bullish about their own personal finances,but stock market analysts like Goldman Sachs caution that professional investors may be "unduly bullish". With stock market indexes in the U.S. declining the first week of our New Year, a top Connecticut stock market strategist believes stocks are overdue for a correction-- when the market falls 10% or more.

A Promissory Note Catastrophe:
The story. The sequence of events. The Promissory Note Questions. The answers

Promissory Notes Investing-Superior Returns:
Typical Investing Opportunities Pay Low Rates - The Federal Reserve has held interest rates down for several years. Most traditional invests-stocks, bonds and mutual funds-- are paying 1.0% to 2.0% interest. To get higher returns non-traditional investing opportunities should be considered. For the small investor, mortgage notes and promissory notes are worthy of serious consideration; they can provide returns in the range of 6% to 10% with relative safety. They are available in various sizes and at various yields.

Can You Trust Your Financial Planner? Here's How To Find Out!:
Thinking about hiring a financial advisor or already working with one? You want to make rock-solid sure that the person is someone you can trust, who will nurture your hard-earned nest egg, treat it with respect and help it grow. Here are the guidelines to look for in making a smart decision.

5 Auto Enrolment Pitfalls for Small Businesses:
5 pitfalls for small businesses as they work through the Auto Enrolment process. Avoiding these pitfalls will help ensure a smooth transition to full Auto Enrolment compliance.

4 Reasons to Use an SMSF Expert to Set Up Your Self-Managed Super Fund:
A SMSF or Self Managed Super Fund can be an ideal way to planning for retirement as it gives you full control over your investments and where your money goes. You have the flexibility to invest in property, shares, gold, silver, art and many others.
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