Index Universal Life: A Product to Avoid?

Index Universal Life: A Product to Avoid?
Index Universal Life is cash value life insurance that uses interest crediting based upon an index, typically the S&P 500. This article reviews the pro and cons of such a policy.

Dumb Beta Picks on Smart Beta, Underperforms
Debated over whether it is fact, fiction, marketing or all of the above, "Smart Beta" had been a growing point of contention in the asset management industry recently. Our view, based more on the math than the marketing, is that these strategies are deserving of the attention and assets they are garnering, and advisers would be well served to consider them. The term "Smart Beta" refers to the gray area that strategies which aren't quite active management, but aren't quite indexing, occupy.

Where to Invest Money and Where Not To for 2015 and Beyond
With stocks and bonds both pricey the question of where to invest money for 2015 and beyond becomes a major issue. Here we look at where to invest money in stocks, bonds, and funds by focusing on pitfalls to avoid in 2015, 2016 and perhaps beyond. Stocks have recently hit all-time highs and this gets lots of investors excited.

Best Investment Strategies - Strategies That Will Yield the Most Benefit for You
High flyer stocks are thrilling and newsworthy. On the other hand consistent value of monthly debt income is sound and steady. Should I choose one or the other? How bout both!

What Are the Largest Brownfield Developments in the UK, and Why are There so Few of Them?
Brownfields can be more costly to build on and sometimes fail to provide the kind of housing needed. Occasionally, however, they provide a good return on investment.

Halal Investment Options for Muslims in Canada
I've always been a huge advocate of avoiding Riba (Interest), either earning or paying. There are definite financial, social and religious reasons for this and we, as Muslims, are aware of them. There has always been a concern among the Muslim community in Canada of where they should put their extra money in terms of Savings or Investments, earn money from that or at least hedge against the Inflation and other factors.

2015 Best Stock Investment Strategies
For over five years now one of the best stock investment strategies has been to simply buy and hold. Is it time for you to consider other investment strategies for 2015 and beyond? Many long term investors will ignore their stock investment strategies until they start to see their losses mount.

A Tale of Two Alphas: Investment Selection Vs Opportunistic
Alpha benefits all investors. Reallocating some of the focus from investment selection alpha to opportunistic alpha could have significant, positive impacts on portfolios.

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