IRA's in All Varieties

It's never too early to start thinking about retirement, but the issue most often at the forefront of that thought is retirement savings. How can you begin putting money away now so that you will be able to live comfortably after you retire? Depending upon your goals and the amount of time remaining until retirement, there are multiple options and strategies to consider. A very common path for retirement planning is to open an IRA (Individual Retirement Account), as it provides tax benefits in the present as well as retirement savings for the future. Even if you've never heard of an IRA, a quick internet search will yield a variety of different types which can quickly become confusing. Why are there so many different types of IRAs, and what is each designed to accomplish?

Simple IRA Plans A Win For Both Employer And Employee:
Simple IRA plans can be beneficial for all participants. The plans give employees the option to defer compensation and grow their retirement accounts. They also give the employer the ability to award employees for saving by using matching or nonelective contributions.

Why Opening A Solo 401K Account Is An Excellent Business Decision For Small Business Owners:
A Solo 401k plan offers flexible retirement solutions for self-employed individuals. This article describes the benefits of a solo 401k plan for small business owners.

401K Investing Ideas for Good Money Management in 2015-2016:
Here we cover some 401k investing ideas for 2015, 2016 and beyond, because good money management in this time period could make or break your plans for retirement. Why have most investors done just fine in these plans in recent years when few actually pay much attention to asset allocation or money management? Let's take a look at a few 401k investing ideas you might want to consider now.

3 Hidden Secrets to Help You Avoid Custodian Fees:
Many people who deal with self-directed IRAs have more than one account that they work through. While it may make things easier to keep track of in terms of your investments, having multiple accounts also opens you up to more fees in many instances.

A Simple, Easy Solution to Your Retirement Plan Problems:
The self-directed IRA is in fact perfectly legal and is actually encouraged by the United States government itself. A lot of people think of the self-directed IRA as being too good to be true and think of it simply as an account that takes advantage of vague loopholes that has not yet been closed by the IRS or a scheme designed specifically to cheat it.

How Self-Directed IRA's Can Save You Money:
These days, many people are always looking for ways to save money in any way possible. A little known technique for saving money that most people overlook is to utilize a Self-Directed IRA. Not only can it save you money, it can increase profits as well.

The Solo 401k Plan: Are There Rules and Regulations I Should Know First?:
Have you ever wondered how a Solo 401k plan works and what makes it different from the more traditional 401(k) plan? Solo 401k plan is designed for business owners that don't have any other employees, besides themselves and their spouse. It's not a new plan; in fact it is basically a traditional 401(k) plan covering only one person (and their spouse).
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