It's Me Or the Dog, Victoria Stilwell - A Dog's Best Friend

In It's Me or the Dog, Victoria Stilwell, made famous by the TV show of the same name in the United Kingdom, shows how to adapt your dog into human life. It is a primer in how to make a dog comfortable in your home and in effect as you do so make your life more comfortable too.

Daniel Stevens - Author of Secrets to Dog Training - Review:
Daniel Stevens, who is he? For people who have not been aware of him, Daniel Stevens is the hugely respected author who developed the tremendously successful dog training series entitled "Secrets to Dog Training" (formerly Sit, Stay, Fetch) Daniel Stevens works as a professional dog trainer who has years of knowledge working with all kinds of different dogs in various situations. Daniel's information has become very popular among dog owners because it very carefully and completely guides you all the way through each dilemma you could...

SitStayFetch Review - A Look Into the Number 1 Best Selling Dog Training Book on the Net!:
SitStayFetch has been a top seller for some time now. And for good reason! Learn why this book is the best investment you will ever make.

A Little Book With Big Charm:
Have YOU ever had a kitten or a cat and experienced the pain of loss? If so, you will definitely love reading Charm (An Amazing Story of a Little Black Cat). It's written and illustrated by the talented Leyla Atke, and was a Finalist in the International Book Awards competition.

Love Cat Mysteries? Here's Your Chance to Read a Bunch of Them, All Written by the Same Person:
I love mysteries and I love cats---especially Siamese cats. Lilian Jackson Braun has written enough books combining the two to last any serious mystery/cat lover for the rest of the year.

Be the Pack Leader By Cesar Milan - The Dog Whisperer Speaks:
If you have seen his National Geographic Show, The Dog Whisperer, then you pretty much know what you are getting in the book Be The Pack Leader, Cesar Milan has out right now. The book is an amazing journey through the ins and outs of transforming your dog's life.

There is No Secret to Dog Training:
Easily learn how to train any dog with any problem or bad habits. Undoubtedly the best program to train dogs available on the internet today. If you have a problem dog, this is the program for you. 260 pages with photos and a 30 minute video to download. If you have a dog with bad habits, this is the program for you. If you are the cause of the bad habits, this is the program for you.

A Book Review of - Best Hikes With Dogs New Hampshire and Vermont:
Any dog loving hiker who lives in or plans to visit New Hampshire or Vermont would do well to consult this book by an Emmy award winning television producer and writer, Lisa Densmore. The author gives first hand accounts of each of the 52 trails that she writes about in this very informative guide to some of the best trails in New England.
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