Meisner For Adults

In this article I discuss why I choose to teach the Meisner Technique to adults. I explain in detail my experience with teens and how the technique can be compromised if not taught in the preferred way.

Steps To a Successful Event:
Events have largely become one important part of the backbone of almost all sectors of industries. The tricks and trade to the business lies in generating events similar yet with a hairline difference. This difference is what makes you stand apart.

An Actor's Showreel:
Want to know how to improve your chances of getting more paid work within the TV, Film and Media Industries? Read On...

How To Get The Best Headshot Photographer For Actors And Actresses:
Headshots are not only the literal picture of your head and shoulders along with your contact details and credentials, it also is one of the most valuable investments you'll ever make. Every time there are auditions, those in charge of sorting out the participants often have stacks of portfolios waiting to be evaluated, and you're going to need more than just your average photos if you want the evaluators to even notice your face. Submitting an overly edited photo isn't going to help either.

Broadway musical, Beautiful, is a wonderful tribute to singer-songwriter, Carole King. Upbeat and inspiring, it traces her life from her teen years in Brooklyn to her success as a Grammy Award winner. Tony winner, Jessie Mueller, is outstanding in her performance of Ms. King.

Dear Students - Past, Present And Future:
In this article I give my opinion on the importance of living a full life and using the acquired experiences to achieve your goals as an aspiring artist. Many of the great acting teacher have influenced my thinking, Stella Adler among them and think her attitude about art is worth taking to heart.

Cool Facts About Horsemanship You Probably Didn't Know:
The concept of horsemanship as it is thought of today is based in its history as a military training athletic completions utilized by the ancient Roman cavalry as a form of military training. It is officially defined as the art or practice of riding on horseback, and refers to the art, skill, ability and manner of a horseman, or horsewoman. Luckily for those who may not ever have the opportunity to attempt learning horseback riding or other equine skills, there are many opportunities to see this talent in person. One such venue is a dinner theater show that focuses on older equestrian talents such as jousting and parading.
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