New Book Criticizes African Americans Who Use the 'N' Word

Bury That Sucka! explores and examines what makes the African American community the epitome of an incredible paradox. On the one hand, there is this unbelievable love affair with the word nigger?at the same time, when used by a non-black, the word then becomes an insult.

If You Think You Understand Life in Pakistan, But Have Never Been There:
Pakistan has been in the World News a bit lately and it is unfortunate what we've seen. The Taliban is on the run and some of them are heading to other nations like Somalia. The Swat Valley is being dismantled by the Pakistani Military, but some of this is for show and the Taliban has folks on all sides of the game, and there are brothers fighting against each other today for control.

The Adventures of Willowby Went:
I very much enjoyed J.S. Harrison's writing style. It was like being drawn into a big sitting room with a large fireplace, where a deep grandfatherly voice tells the story of Willowby Went. Then without realizing it, I felt sucked into the scenery and it was if I had become the cameraperson at a real, live historical event. It was an effort to put aside the book to carry on with my own tasks!

Flying to the South:
Flying to the South is a provisionary title I gave to the novel of Ian Gibson, an Irish Hispanist. The official and literal title would be "the wind of the south or Southern Wind (Viento del Sur).

Review of All Gays Go to Heaven:
Getting a copy of a galley copy of a potential best seller is always exciting. And, this time, I actually did some good by using the Youth First Texas support option.

African American Literature - Beginning:
The first African American to publish a book and achieve international recognition was Phillis Wheatley. Her first published poem appeared in 1767. Published literature by other African Americans followed.

Never Underestimate the Latino Market Segment - The Latino Book is Here in the USA:
The Hispanic and Latino market is on fire, there is a lot of spendable income there and they love personal electronics, and they are good voters. This is changing the dynamics in the United States and the way we live. This is one incredible consumer market segment that no business can neglect. Perhaps, it is for that reason that I have a very good book I'd like to recommend to you. The name of the book is; "The Latino Boom! - Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Business in the US Hispanic Market," by Chiqui Cartagena

Learn More About Kenya - Book Review:
Many people consider Kenya to be the gateway to Africa. If you ever want to go on an African safari, you fly into Kenya, and you go on your exotic tour and exciting vacation from there. Kenya is a very interesting place with a rich history. Today, Nairobi is a modern city on top of the hill at a fairly high altitude; still, parts of Nairobi are covered with slums, where the poorest of the poor in Africa live.
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