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"Boy Entrepreneur" is a book for all ages offering business secrets and success tips through the tale of a young Hawaiian boy who wants to earn enough money to go on a trip with his baseball team. Written by Patrick Snow, author of other books like "The Affluent Entrepreneur" and "Creating Your Own Destiny," this fable will encourage anyone who thinks he or she has what it takes to become self-employed and enjoy the freedom and advantages of owning your own business.

5 Must-Read Business Books:
The self-employment bug is in the air... and it's highly contagious. How do we know?

Getting to 50/50 in the Workplace:
Working mothers are in a difficult position. They must constantly balance home life, work demands, as well as find time to enjoy life. Understandably, women who regularly wrestle with these demands often reach a breaking point and ask themselves if all the stress is worth it. Sharon Meers and Joanna Strober endeavor to answer that very question in Getting to 50/50. Both women, who are working mothers, answer with a resounding "yes, it is worth it." Meers and Strober explain how couples can have an equal relationship in which each partner has a successful career and an involved family life. They also show how this model of family is beneficial to children. Using the advice and examples from numerous couples making a successful 50/50 relationship work, Getting to 50/50 inspires couples to work toward an equal marriage.

The Christian Business Owner's Guide to Hiring a Joseph:
6 So Potiphar left everything he had in Joseph's care; with Joseph in charge, he did not concern himself with anything except the food he ate. Genesis 39:6 You need a 'Joseph.' You remember him from Bible stories.

Into the Storm:
The Sydney to Hobart Race is a grueling offshore ocean sailing race that is held each December in Australia. Under ordinary circumstances, the race is very difficult. However, in 1998 an unexpectedly strong storm hit shortly after the race began. Six people perished and numerous boats were damaged or sunk. It spawned the largest search and rescue operation in Australia's history. A small boat called the AFR Midnight Rambler sailed through the storm and won the race. In Into the Storm, Dennis Perkins recounts the 1998 race and discusses how the extraordinary teamwork displayed by the Rambler's crew can be applied to the world of business.

Book Review: Influence And Lead By Michael Nir:
The book Influence and Lead by Michael Nir contains very useful information about team building, what makes a successful team, how to change behavior within a team, specific team exercises, and even some individual exercises that can help an individual hone their body language and facial expressions when speaking with others. Even for the seasoned team leader this information can be useful. And it is a free download on the kindle.

Who Can Become the Rich?:
I have a habit of not loving to read the book that is highly recommended and appreciated with comments such as "this book has a good content" or "many people have liked it", especially the book of teaching life skills or getting rich. I simply think that millions of people have read it. However, among those who have read the book and become wealthy, no one acknowledges that this book itself has just taught him how to be a billionaire.

Engaging Customers by Turning Content Into Commerce:
Social media sites are proliferating, attracting more users, and playing an increasingly important role in users' lives; however, some brands are struggling to take full advantage of the opportunities that are available. Many marketing managers and executives have learned to think like publishers when it comes to social media, and that approach does provide a basic blueprint. However, social media is interactive in ways that traditional published media is not. Consumers have different expectations for branded social media content than they do for broadcast or print advertisements. In Content to Commerce, social media marketing executive Avi Savar outlines a broad strategy that marketing professionals can employ to connect effectively with consumers through both established and emerging social media sites.
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