Next-Generation Swift May Launch In 2017

Suzuki is seeking to launch their next-generation Swift by 2017 with a very cost-effective hybrid technology. The company is targeting buyers who seek fuel efficiency. Suzuki currently commands almost half of the entire Indian car market share which is close to around 44 per cent.

More Than Machine Noise: The Car Sounds You Should Pay Attention To:
A working, fully operational machine is expected to generate some noise. A soft hum of the engine or the soft twirl of the motors should be enough to guarantee that you have properly working equipment. But when you start hearing something out of the ordinary, it's time to pay attention.

Which Tyres Are Suitable for SUVs?:
These days there are so many people who drive SUV's. Everyone wants a bigger car or they need a bigger car because their family is growing so they opt for an SUV. SUV's are spacious and can tackle any terrain. If you live in area that has many potholes or various styles of speed bumps or sand roads, then an SUV is probably the better option for you. In that case, you will need the accompanying tyres that will tackle any terrain.

Parallel Parking For The Novice Driver:
This could be the most talked about maneuver amongst new drivers and their biggest fear, when it comes to driving. I have heard of stories how drivers elect to park one or two blocks away to avoid parking between two cars. The most important thing to consider when attempting a park between two vehicles is safety first.

Five Tips on Buying a New Car:
Buying a brand new car out of the box is so exciting. You will be the first one to drive the car and it's so thrilling to drive the new car off the sales floor. Getting into the car and the odometer reads zero kilometres is a moment that you will cherish always. Before you get to this great moment of owning a brand new car, there are few things that you need to consider.

Popular Volkswagen Accessories Help VW Owners Make Their Own Personal Statement:
Genuine VW accessories carry the quality of your car into the add-ons that personalize it. From communications aides to cargo carriers to clothing, there's something for every Volkswagen owner.

Getting Your Car Prepared For Selling:
Putting your best foot forward is always considered to be a good thing. Similar is the situation for getting your car prepared for sale. Your aim is to make your car look as attractive as possible to its prospective buyer's along with remaining forthright with its history and condition.

Are Used Car Tyres Safe?:
It is no secret, brand new car tyres can be very costly, this is why many car owners opt for used tyres because they seem like the ideal way to save some good cash on car maintenance. However, there is more to buying car tyres than just getting a set with a lot of tread and for a cheap price. What many car owners fail to notice is that using used car tyres poses some safety risks that might not be evident then, but will be later.
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