Operator Licence - Public Inquiries

A traffic commissioner will decide if it is necessary to hold a public inquiry. If a public inquiry is to be held, written notice (of no less than 21 days) of the inquiry and where it will be held will be sent to you and to any other affected parties.

What Is UK Regulation ECE104?:
Regulation ECE104 came into effect in July 2011 and essentially provides guidelines for drivers of heavy goods vehicles when it comes to the use of strategic markings in order to avoid safety issues during transit. The introduction of this law meant that drivers of vehicles falling into certain categories must ensure that retroflective markings are displayed on the rear and sides of their lorries to make them more conspicuous. Indeed, the guidelines under regulation ECE104 are considered to be best practice, and will result in much safer roads as well as the reduction of accidents.

The Best Wheels And Tyres For Trucks:
When you are searching for the best wheels and tyres for trucks, you need to make sure the wheel and tyre that you want is going to match your truck. All trucks are different and you need to make a selection that is going to benefit you and your truck. Go through the categories below and make certain that the wheels and tyres you are choosing for your truck are the correct ones.

Should Fleet Vehicles Be Considered When Buying Used Trucks?:
Most people don't consider looking at fleet or commercial vehicles when buying used trucks. However, considering these vehicles may be a good way to save money and get a workhorse that will serve you and your business well in the long run.

Used Trucks Vs Used SUVs: The Pros And Cons:
While similar in many ways, there are several important differences between used trucks and SUVs. Before you spend your hard-earned money on either driving option, read up on the pros and cons of both.

Truck Accidents and You: What You Need to Know:
If you have been involved in a big rig trucking accident, call a good truck accident lawyer who specializes in these types of accidents. The trucking company is sure to have a team of lawyers working for them so don't try to handle this on your own. Get knowledgeable help by getting a truck accident lawyer on your side.

Alloy Wheel Refinishing Getting Truck Wheels Restored in Cheap:
Thus, truck owners will unanimously agree that getting your trucks' alloy wheels is a much cheaper, better and faster method to get your wheels in top notch condition. It is always good to get it done from a reputed and experienced store so that there are no problems later on.

The Heaviest Mining Machines In The World:
The mining site is considered as one of the most demanding and dangerous working sites where heavy-duty applications are being performed on a daily basis. Normally, for heavy-duty and complex mining applications, extremely powerful and highly efficient machines are needed. In fact, the mining site is a place where some of the largest and heaviest machines in the world can be seen. From excavators, drag-lines, enormous shovels, bulldozers, to crushers and variety of trucks, for different mining tasks there are specially designed mining machines and equipment.

Guidelines to Properly Maintain Your Power Stroke Injector:
Trucks, like people, pets, and other living things, require attention and care in order to work the way they are supposed to. Simply having a truck and driving it does not mean it will continue to perform well over time. Some people are the do it yourself type, or in other words, DIY.
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