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I recently saw a televison programme on Jewish Jokes and Jewish people telling them. Masters of the punch line or languid humour, one of my favourites was of a Jewish man who wanted to introduce his fiancee to his mother. Knowing she'd be critical, he told her he would bring three girls over and she would have to guess which one he'd proposed to, she agreed.

Stand Up Comedy Writing - Being Honest and Vulnerable:
Where stand up comedy writing is concerned, the more honest and vulnerable you are in your comedy shows, the more the audience will connect with you. Letting what you know and feel take control of your stand up comedy writing will open many more paths for you to find your jokes. Using personal experience in your stand up comedy writing and improvising through the narrator and you as yourself views will help you uncover your true opinions.

I Spy An Elf Conspiracy:
This holiday season, American taxpayers must be vigilant against the government's most adorable spy. That Elf on the Shelf is a covert government conspiracy masquerading as a holiday tradition. You have been warned.

Hot Flashes, Cold Nights:
Back in the fall of of 1973 I was a young freshman at the University of Miami. I was given a room at the older dorm, Mahoney Hall. There was no air conditioning in our room, so the September nights were often pillow soaked experiences.

Running Jokes to Make You Laugh:
For runners that want to have a laugh. These jokes look at the funny side of a seriously joyful sport.

What Kind of Comedian Are You?:
They say everybody's a comedian. But what kind? How do YOU make people laugh? Find out now what kind of comedian you are!

Writing Stand Up Comedy - Combining All Three Points of View:
Learn about writing stand up comedy with all three points of view. Stand up comedy works best when it is varied. Once you have practiced each point of view of your stand up comedy and started combining them, you are going to finish by combining all three.
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