Rare American Coins and the Draped Bust Silver Dollar Series

The new Draped Bust design silver dollar was introduced in October of 1795 and 42,738 examples were struck before the end of the year. These coins are proportionately less rare than the earlier flowing hair design, but there are 30 or so, MS-64 or MS-65 examples.

Cash For Gold: How To Avoid Getting Duped:
With world gold prices soaring in the midst of another global financial wave of turmoil, experts are warning people that seek to cash in their jewelry to be cautious concerning those they transact with. Similarly, the festive season is fast approaching and many will be at the pawn or jeweler's shop to dispose some gold item for the needed cash. Before you head that direction, take a look at these steps and word of caution.

Rare American Coins Get Weighed on a Rarity Scale:
I've counted 13 rarity scales proposed for defining rarity in coins. Only a few are well accepted and none are as universally accepted as the Sheldon scale for grading coins. Perhaps the most common rarity scale is also an adaptation of Sheldon's rarity scale.

What Are the Common Gold Selling Options?:
1. When you consider selling gold, care should be taken to deal with reputed buyers in your local area. The gold business is highly competitive, making it imperative to find trustworthy buyers.

An Overview of Silver Commodities:
It is said that you can make huge profits with trading commodities but only if you know how to. The essential thing to know is how the markets work, how different are they, what are the risks associated with each market, and how do you avoid common trading mistakes. A trader needs realistic strategies that are up to the minute.

Tips For Selling Your Golden Treasures to Gold Buyers:
You've got old jewelry and you need to get rid of it. Gold buyers will put money in your pocket and they offer the most competitive prices in the marketplace.

Rare American Coins As an Investment Medium:
As late as the early 1970's, the coin market was dominated by dealers and collectors. Even though the collectors often made money on their coins, they didn't consider themselves to be investors.

Do More People Prefer to Invest in Gold or Silver?:
Investing in precious metals is seen as the best form of investment nowadays especially for retirement savers. Gold and silver are the most popular precious metal investments as compared to platinum and palladium. The two precious metals are invested on in high numbers as their prices are interchangeably high. See which is preferred in the article.
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