Rare American Coins and Prooflike Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars

A prooflike silver dollar is struck from a polished die that produces a reflective surface usually on the field and occasionally on the device. Prooflike coins were intended for circulation and no special care was taken in their handling.

Where To Sell Gold Bullion, Coins And Jewellery:
As the gold price soars to near historic highs reaching in excess of $1,000 per ounce, sellers have been faced by a onslaught of glaring electronic signs, flashy billboards and top level TV ads promising them that it is possible to make a killing through trading in their unwanted gold items especially jewelry. However what those ads are not saying takes the shine off the whole pitch by gold buyers.
The Original and Counterfeit: 1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollar:
The 1804 Draped Bust dollar is the most interesting and desirable of all U.S. coins, with many mysteries and underworld type stories surrounding it. Known as the "King of coins", it is one of the most famous and valuable coins in the world.

Understanding the Process of Silver Extrusion:
We all love silver in so many forms, don't we? From crockery to jewellery, silver is an integral part of our routine. But, do you know that this silver is extracted with great difficulty before being made available to all of you.

Gold Coins - A Different Way to Invest in Your Future:
If you've been considering how to begin financial planning for your future you may have considered investments but been unsure where to start. The options can be overwhelming but if you have ever wondered how to buy gold for investment there are some simple ways to get started. It is important to begin with knowing what is the best gold to invest in.

The Truth About Gold:
The gold market today is full of people beaten down and demoralized. Many bought gold on predictions of inflation that would cause their cash savings to evaporate into thin air. Others have been waiting for a coming crash in the bond market that would push huge pools of money out of the so called "safe haven" of the US dollar and into real assets, more specifically gold, causing an unprecedented rise in its price.

Rare American Coins and the Creation of the Peace Silver Dollar:
Farran Zerbe was the coin collector who founded the Chase Manhattan Bank Money Museum in New York City with his own superb coin collection. Farran Zerbe is credited with initiating the interest by Congress in a new silver coin commemorating the recent peace from the World War.

Can I Buy Gold Coins in an IRA? Why Coins Are Your Best Investment in an Unpredictable Economy:
A Gold-backed IRA allows you to take advantage of both the tax benefits of an IRA and the wealth insurance protection that gold coins offer. Gold's strong performance over the last decade, its qualities as a hedge against inflation and dollar devaluation make it an ideal investment for retirement accounts. While the process may seem complicated to the new investor it is actually quite simple if you know what to do and this article explains how.
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