Review of The Spirit Level - Why Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better

Sex education for potential teenage mothers; free gym membership for the obese; cognitive behavioral therapy for badly behaved children - all are inadequate, piecemeal solutions to the symptoms of a wider social malaise - inequality - says a new book by UK researchers. The Spirit Level argues that the difference in earnings between richest and poorest in developed societies is the source of a catalog of social problems.

Egypt: A Rising Star in the World Economy:
Egypt has always been famous for its pyramids, pharaohs and enticing tales of magic and the Other World. But in modern times it is one of the most rapidly emerging economies in the world.

Why Not Learn About the Business Cycle and Policy Making Manipulation in Economics:
Most people do not really understand the economy, business cycles, how the Federal Reserve works or how on Earth this terrible crisis occurred that ended up taking down the whole world, causing the global crisis we are now in. But in case you are one of them, and if you care to learn a little, might I be so bold as to recommend a very good book to you?

The Long Angle Iron Trade Business Collective Seeks the World's Power:
The establishment stock market transaction standard, in the application establishment profession the petty loan organization, extends the industrial chain to high-end reforming, recently, area the river, Zhejiang, Shanghai's steel and iron foreign traders were accelerating to move. On February 15, holds "the first long angle iron trade wealth forum" in the Jiangsu Wuxi chill in the air in early spring on, the Shanghai first steel city market share Limited company (i.e. original "leisurely immortal steel city group") Chairman Zhou Huarui every single word or phrase emphasized: "2009 pair of steel trade business is especially essential one year, the outside (finance) the crisis causes to be beset with difficulties, the internal market overall supply exceeds demand, the steel trade enterprise must strengthen the cooperation, can enhance the coordinated motion and resistance risk ability, can enlarge with the steel mill negotiations, and government dialog ability."

Global Trade and the History of the Wheels of Commerce Considered - A Book Review:
How much do you really know about the history of economics and free trade? I feel as if I know more than 99% of the people on the planet, but perhaps that's because I've studied a three-part volume entitled the wheels of commerce. I think you should pick up a set for yourself. If you'd like to learn more let me explain what I mean and describe to you what's in volume 2 as an example; "The Wheels of Commerce - Civilization and Capitalism; 15th through 18th Century, Volume 2" by Ferdinand Braudel, 1979.

Relevance Of The Book "Take This Job And Ship It" During 2008 Presidential Elections:
Senator Bryon L Dorgan, in his book "Take This Job and Ship It", looks at "outsourcing" as a consequence of global economy. He considers it as a threat to American economy and sends an alert message to all the people in the nation.

What You Need to Know About the Coming Economic Disorder:
Trying to understand what's going on in the economy? Want to preserve what you have and protect your finances? Then you need to read this book. Written by a former legislator and banker, it pinpoints the problems in the American economy and how you can protect yourself from disaster.

Suze Orman Shares Investing Common Sense With Women & Money:
Money is a topic you either embrace or avoid. Orman's book delivers straight talk on investing for women and building individual wealth.
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