Royal Enfield Classic - Classic Old-Styled Yet Modern

Royal Enfield Motors, originally a British company manufacturing premium motorcycles earns significant respect in the country. Their bikes are branded for high power engines and majestic looks. The thumping sound from a Royal Enfield bike is sure to turn heads along the road and the owner will be swelled with pride. Though the old Bullet is more famed, the Classic series have also equally managed to attract bike enthusiasts.

Road Tripping: Basics for Owners of New and Used Motorcycles Alike:
If you're planning a road trip, the basics of preparation are the same for people who own both new and used motorcycles. By making sure your bike is in top shape and you've got the necessary gear and plan ahead of time, everything will be smooth sailing.

Fuel Efficient 125 CC Bikes in India - Bikes Offering High Mileage:
In India, people generally prefer affordable fuel efficient bikes over high-end bikes with utter power. And this very reason makes the 125 cc segment highly popular here because these bikes are affordable, stylish, fuel efficient and to a certain extent power packed as well. Some of the most popular 125 cc bikes offering high mileage are listed here. However it should be noted that actual mileage will depend on how you ride, road conditions, weather, maintenance, tire pressure and pillion weight.

Honda CBR250R Vs KTM 200 Duke - Which Is Best?:
Honda Motor Company is a Japanese multinational corporation producing automobiles, motorcycles and machinery. Honda bikes are generally passenger friendly guaranteeing safety, economy, durability, comfort and style. The KTM Sport motorcycle AG or simply KTM is a globally reputed motorcycle manufacturer based in Austria. KTM motorcycles are more known for their styling and off road capacity. Engine performance and fuel economy are also their highlighted features. Here is a review of their two entry level popular bikes seen nowadays - the CBR250R and the Duke 200 respectively.

Essential Tips For Purchasing Motorcycles:
There are many reasons why people opt to ride motorcycles. Money, freedom, and power are just a few of them. Read on and find out how you can join the elite club of motorcycle riding!

The New Motorcycle Rider Experience:
There's lots of information out there that gives advice on how to choose your first motorcycle and choosing motorcycle gear when you're just starting out. I have my own opinions about that as well, but I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to talk about what experts don't, what it's like to be a novice rider.

How to Buy a Motorcycle - A Few Questions That Will Help You With Your Decision:
There are many people who prefer riding motorcycles to driving cars. The thrill of speed and the breeze hitting your body is something that you cannot experience, while sitting comfortably inside your air conditioned cars. Riding the motorcycles is a different ballgame altogether, which only the riders will understand.

Continental GT - A Vintage Styled Modern Bike:
Modern day biking is all about speed and style. Continental GT is one such simple, yet contemporary, fun to ride sports bike, which arouses memories of a highly stylized bygone era. It is basically a cafe racer which really shows what it is capable of. Continental GT is much more than just getting you from one point to another. This racer bike is owned by the prestigious Royal Enfield Motors based at Gurgaon who has produced a series of excellent bikes in India. The Continental GT made its debut in the year 2012 at the Delhi Auto Expo and was on the roads by the end of 2013. Royal Enfield Continental GT is one bike which has a great demand in other markets across the world as well.

Three Things To Consider When Shopping For Used Motorcycles:
Shopping for used motorcycles can be confusing, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Follow these simple tips to avoid potential pitfalls.
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