Sales Agreement

A sales agreement is an agreement to buy and sell personal property that include but are not limited to cars, equipment or furniture. Knowing the pitfalls and how to avoid them can save both the seller and buyer headaches down the road. A proper form provides both legal protection and a peace of mind.

Gas Pump Security-Skimming:
If you drive a vehicle your credit or debit card is at risk. What can you do and what are the gas pump operators and manufacturers doing to prevent and stop skimming? Skimming is where the bad guys will put a device on the gas pump that will intercept your card number.

Job Costing and Estimating:
Make sure that all costs are included when building a pricing model. Don't forget abut the indirect expenses and know how to allocate them.

Beware Of Money Transfer Frauds To Protect Your Hard Earned Money:
Scammers may try to get your money by coming up with a variety of stories and many of them make you carry out a money transfer without your knowing that you are being scammed. Scammers love cash transfers because it is the easiest way of getting money and the money would not even come back to you. Here are a few types of scams that you would need to be aware of in order to protect your hard earned money.

Researching What Banks Offer and Finding the Right One For You:
Nowadays there are more branches of banks than you can easily count. By comparing fees, location, size and policies you can find the perfect fit for your specific banking needs.

You Just Inherited a Million:
Most people talk about winning the Lottery. Every day they plunk down a couple of dollars to buy a ticket but the few who do win big, often end up with nothing but fond memories of how they blew their winnings. They had never planned for it and so they went through all of it in a very short time.

Get Cash Back in Every Purchase Plus Earn Income and More Benefits!:
Lyoness Company started in 2003 in Austria by Hubert Friedl. Founded in 2003, Lyoness offers its members money back with every purchase. By shopping through their loyalty program, the goal is to help both shoppers and merchants.
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